Event: Autocon LA 2013 v.1


This weekend I took part in a car show that, over the past years, has been growing tremendously.  Not just in size, but in organization as well.  Putting on an event of this size isn’t an easy task, and I congratulate Justin and his team for being successful in their mission.  Aside from Wekfest, Autocon is really the only other show that I attend on a regular basis (I’m not real keen on the show deal).  I enjoy it because they’re about more than just the cars, they go out of their way to try and connect the people involved; and I like that.  Despite it’s rocky start, Autocon is starting it’s first national tour this year with stops in Seattle and Miami.  It’s a testament to how hard they’ve worked to grow the event.  First off though, we make a stop in Los Angeles.



We arrived somewhat early, which is very unusual, but nice nonetheless as we were able to avoid some of the heat.  The first thing that I noticed, other than this Y34 on TE37’s, was the fact that roll-in had gone, and was going rather smoothly.



Also this Previa, which may have just come from Daikoku PA.




A look at the variety of the show.  While you won’t see everything here, you’ll see most of what I enjoyed.  My car show coverage is based very much on personal preference; I apologize for that.




Nice GS300






When I first saw this S14 I thought it looked great; plus it had a Circuit Soul sticker on the rear window.  Always like to see support for Alex and what he’s doing in Vancouver.  When I peeked inside though I saw it was automatic…hopefully the owner plans a swap soon.




No real words for this LS460 with full Wald aero.  Unreal; I hope he won something, like the ‘Nothing really matters to me because I drive a LS460 with full Wald aero and a set of Wald Mahora wheels award’.  Fun fact, ‘Mahora’ in ancient words means ‘Wonderful Country’.  Maybe we can give him the ‘Wonderful Country’ award.




Car show, show car staple.




Neat little EF that was really well put together.  Does anyone know what front bumper that is?




This FA5 looked exactly like what you’d see at a track in Japan, or at a HKS booth in the Fuji paddock.  Thus, I really liked it.  Very well balanced.






VIP showing was good this weekend.  America is still very hit or miss with it though…they need to realize eventually that you can’t just get big wheels and airbags and call it a day.




I forget this guys name, but I remember seeing him last year at Arcadia.  He was a nice guy and I was hoping to see his car swapped by now, but unfortunately, it’s still automatic.  He’s got the right idea on styling though (needs some ganadors).




This 848 caught my eye.




This car would look fantastic without those center caps.  I told Yuta I would photoshop them out, but I no one’s got time for that.  Great looking NSX nonetheless.




…and then there was this…






Liberty Walk kitted E92.  Amazing looking car; really glad I got to see it.  With that being said, I wish it wasn’t on Rotiform wheels…




Walking back out towards the car entrance there was a really low Z33.




After walking around for about an hour and a half we were toasted.  It became so hot so quickly that even with my Mugen umbrella on hand I was sweating.  So Yuta and I retreated to our Yacht where we sipped on some San Pellegrino and spoke of sophisticated happenings.  We took a little break to cool off before heading back to the show to do another walk around.  I’ll leave off here, but there will be more Autocon coverage soon.