Event: Autocon LA 2013 v.2





We pick up about 30 minutes before the general admission gates were opened, and the flood of people in line started to pour into the grounds.  As Yuta and I left the air conditioned comfort of our yacht, we ventured back into the fray of cars and people that is Autocon.  As we walked back, it seems as if they were just about done with getting all the cars in…




While inside, the majority of the cars were all set to go.



I remember seeing this at Wekfest the other week in Long Beach, still looking good.



This FA5 looked pretty sporty with Mugen aero and TE37 SL’s – I like that blue color.




This carbon wrapped FRS at the Scion Racing booth was pretty cool.  Turns out a friend of mine made the back half of the cage haha.  I liked how aggressive the front end is.




Gurney flap ~ ^^






Nice looking Infiniti at the 88 Rotors booth




This picture is a result of us noticing just how many cars there were in attendance (literally like 500 or something crazy).  I was telling my friend I could literally point the camera anywhere and end up with at least 5 cars in the shot; and I did just that.




Another Loi Spec Integra; really enjoy these cars.




Yuta was telling me a story about this car and why it has the custom plate “Ruined Z”.  It had something to do with a body shop doing some shoddy work or something like that…looks all better now though.




Yuta discussing yacht ownership with some acquaintance.  Somehow he ended up with my umbrella…






Strange that I post something canibeat related, but this is a really good looking car.  VS KF’s are all the rage these days…




This was the other Liberty Walk kitted M3 at the show.  While it was impressive, I liked the grey one a little better.  This one looks too fluffy; like a vanilla latte or something.




Speaking of the grey one, why not add a few more shots of it…it’s just that good.






We both agreed that this car was pretty cool.  As we were leaving it was showing up fashionably late to the party.  I think Yuta liked it solely for the clear tails, but I liked it because it was a reflection of how the Japanese interpret USDM.  It seriously looks like the USDM cars built in Japan, almost to a T.  Kudos for that.  Sometimes I think the Japanese do USDM styling better than us; I’m pretty biased though.  Gotta pack for Canada now, but I’ll get some more shots up soon hopefully.  Cheers.