Editorial: NDF Northern Exposure


I typically keep my personal life out of this blog, as I prefer to keep myself separated from what I have to share with everyone, but I feel compelled to write something tonight.

It’s a surreal experience the way the internet allows us to connect to people in this age.  If you can manage to filter out the unnecessary, and the fluffed self-promotion of many people, and focus on the individuals whose interests align with yours, the possibilities to expand your friendships and create something that actually matters are endless.  This past weekend I got a chance to meet several people I’ve talked to every single day for months now and I still can’t get over how like minded every one is.  Despite having never met in person until 4 days ago, it’s as if I’d known them for years.  There’s a vibe around certain people; and you can feel it before you can see it.  To realize that there are people in this world who still ‘get it’ is refreshing.

Huge thanks to Alex, Bri-Lau, and Noogz for last week; three individuals who have so much to offer, and are such great people that I’m happy to call them good friends.  I had so much fun in the past few days that it was hard leaving Canada this morning.  Getting to meet every one else in the  area was really great too.  Cali and Loerke made the drive over from Kelowna to hang out; getting to see them again was unreal.  It was also great meeting and hanging out with Reggie & Sam, Vincent, John, Geby and so many others as well.

I’ve said it a hundred times, and it keeps proving itself true; the people who’s hearts are in the right place never cease to surprise me.  It’s the people that form the foundation of everything we do and I’m happy to continue to search for and connect with those who share a common passion.