Feature: 贅沢ファイター – Adam Mao’s 2JZ Aristo

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Mao; the owner of the GS300 you see here.  Adam, a very easy going and very talented young guy, was nice enough to meet up with me in San Jose to snap a few pictures of his car.  A car that he has built on his own, by hand, in his garage over the past few years.


At first glance, it may be difficult to tell what the story is with the car.  Visible signs of damage indicate that he could possibly track it, or maybe it’s just from being at such a low ride height.  Well, the answer is both actually; Adam tracks his car regularly at drift events in the Northern California area, as well as the back streets of San Jose.




Still, there was something about this car that I wanted to experience first hand…something not visible from the outside.





That’s not to say that it’s not visually appealing.  Adam has successfully mixed a combination of luxury sedan and street drift styling.  With SSR Minerva’s in the front, and a temporary set of Volks in the rear.  His rear Minervas, being a staggering 18×12 – 39, had not been fitted yet.






Mild touches inside the cabin make the drive to events a bit more personal.  A Nardi wheel, and Bride seat make up the bulk of the interior modifications.

The one thing I really came to see though, was hiding underneath the bonnet…



Yes, the heart of the Aristo; a 2JZ-GE tuned to a massive 600whp.  What made it more special though, is that Adam built and swapped this engine himself, in his garage.







Adam mentioned that the engine can handle closer to 800whp if ever desired.  What you would do with 800 horsepower, I do not know.  Make a lot of smoke and noise I suppose.


The trunk of the GS, typically used to transport sets of golf clubs to and from the country club, now houses an AEM methanol injection kit.



This car has definitely been transformed from it’s original intention…


…from a quiet, comfortable, luxury sedan, into a luxury fighter.






Once again I find myself meeting another person in this milieu we call cars, and once again I’m not disappointed.  A true enthusiast; thanks Adam for taking the time to meet up.