Encounter: 一般ER34 Image To Real – an editorial



一般. Pronounced ‘Ippan’; meaning ‘ordinary’, or ‘usual’.  A word I would never use to describe the car you’re about to see, but strange enough, one that the owner would.  This post may get a little personal…




I suppose in Japan, it’s fairly common to see four door Skyline’s driving about running every day errands; and I think that’s exactly why I am so attracted to this car.  In fact, the whole back seat was full of shopping bags.  The owner and his girlfriend had just stopped by Tatsumi PA after shopping to relax and have a coffee.  So, I suppose in a sense, it’s not just the car that intrigues me, but what it’s used for; or perhaps just the fact that it’s available to use for such a purpose.   I strolled up to him and casually, suppressing my fanatic carboy excitement, and asked if it was OK to take some photos, to which he happily obliged.




I don’t even know how to explain myself.  In fact, I tried talking to my friend Allan the night I saw this car and what it meant to me and I probably sounded like a lunatic.  I wish I could pinpoint it, but it’s unexplainable…almost like Japan itself.


There’s just something about it I can’t describe.  I got a sense of fulfillment just being near it, as if it’s something I’d been looking for my whole life.




Unfortunately, in my current position, it’s still unattainable.  I’m not particularly bothered by that though, as I still have the knowledge that the option is there for me.  Just knowing that it exists; the car, the parts, the vibe, makes me feel positive about things.




It’s a car you can build a life around.  A life in Japan, with your URAS GT kitted ER34.  Stopping by Tatsumi after a day of shopping with your girlfriend.


And if you didn’t think I was crazy before, I’m glad I could change your mind.





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