Event: 2013 Japanese Classic Car Show


This past weekend Long Beach’s Queen Mary played host to the 9th annual Japanese Classic Car Show.  A show that I particularly enjoy, as it’s roots are firmly planted in the nostalgia of the Japanese automotive lifestyle.  It’s great because not only do local car addicts showcase their builds, but many Japanese enthusiasts come from Japan to see what the US has to offer.


I hadn’t initially planned on attending, as I’m somewhat veering from photographing car shows more and more, but I didn’t get the opportunity to go last year, and would like to keep this a show I attend annually.  I enjoy the variety of people that JCCS brings out.



I got to the park very early – and it’s a good thing to because after the gates opened I didn’t even bother taking any more pictures.  There was just way too many people.  The sun behind the Mazda booth made the 787B look pretty dramatic.


Neat little TE on Wat’s


Cool tribute sticker on the Cusco 86 – not a classic by any means yet, but on display to showcase the future I suppose.


GO Tuning brought out the actual Spoon race car from the 80’s.  Pretty neat to see this in person.



I think I would have enjoyed this car more if it was about 4 inches closer to the ground.  He’s on the right path though.


Cars were still being positioned and brought in all the way up to the opening.



Ryan’s cool EA-T build.


This guy owned the really cool FC you see in the background – I like his pants too…good style.




I was surprised when I learned there were 3 Toyota 2000GT’s at the show.  I mean, this car is super rare (in some cases selling for over 1 million USD), and is hands down my favorite Japanese ‘classic’ car.  To be able to see three all at once in my backyard was amazing.




Spotted this Datsun pickup towards the back of the grounds and immediately it stood out to me.  It was much more simplistic than the others, who tend to do a bit too much.  I spoke with the owner, and we both agreed that simple is better in this regard.  The wheels were an aftermarket offering from Nismo for the Nissan Xterra SUV; really good look.


This Z was owned by one of the JCCS employees, and it was one of few that really stood out to me.


He was also a part of PCH Midnight, which I have no idea as to what that is, but it sounds cool and has a good look.  I’ll get some more coverage up in the coming week.