Site News: NDF Winter Cafe Announced



As announced this week on the NDF FB page, the date and time has been set for the 2013 NDF Winter Cafe!  On Saturday, November 16th, starting at 10pm, we will be hosting an automotive enthusiast meet at Umihotaru PA.  If you are in Japan during this time, I encourage you to stop by!  Anyone interested in cars of all styles is welcome to come and hangout.





This is not a car show, there is no winner or competition, it’s simply a gathering of like minded people in order to get to know our community a little better, expand relationships, and check out some cool cars.  NDF will be on hand to get coverage of the entire show, as well as a cruise through Aqua Line for rolling pictures.   To commemorate the first official meet, 50 limited edition Winter Cafe decals have been produced to give to the 50 first cars that arrive.  This will be an annual event, and the limited edition decals will change with each year.


To stay updated on event news, please join the official event FB page here.  Share the page, tell your friends, and we hope to see you there!