Site News: Battle Evome 2014




It’s no secret that NDF is biased towards the sport of Time Attack; as it is in this particular niche of motor sports that I find what I enjoy most about Japanese motor sport.  With that in mind it’s no surprise that we’ve gravitated towards the Battle Evome series as it attracts the top tier of those involved in the sport.  Getting to know the people behind the scenes, organizers and drivers alike, has been an absolute joy for me and I am very happy to announce that we’ll be working very closely with Evome in a collaboration project for 2014.


Look for promotional items in the coming months, all leading up to what should be the most exciting season of Time Attack yet – and you’ll know where to find the best coverage of the series; right here at NDF.


Many thanks to KT and あっそ-san – またお会いできるのを楽しみにして!  ありがとう ~