Event: The Chronicles Year V Meet


You’d be hard pressed to find a Japanese automotive enthusiast that doesn’t know what The Chronicles is.  Joey has solidified his name in the Honda automotive community of the past 5+ years as both a photographer and journalist; and this showed in the turnout of his 5th anniversary meet last weekend at Eibach Springs in Corona, CA.


I’m not typically one to attend meets like this, let alone with my own car, but my good friend Yuta wanted to give himself a hard deadline to ‘finish’ his new civic build, and Joey’s meet served that purpose perfectly.  So Yuta, Kodi and I signed up for one of the VIP spots in front of the facility.  I felt bad parking in front of all the nice cars there though, as our civic’s aren’t necessarily what you’d call show quality.  In fact, neither of us even washed our cars before the meet.  Mine has pretty much been sitting since the last track day, Yuta literally got his running the day before the event, and Kodi basically came from Willow Springs raceway the day before.

Despite that fact though, I was pretty into it.  I wasn’t there to really show off my car, but more to support Joey in his endeavor (not that he needed it as the turn out was very good!)

Ignoring the tire shine (we’re at a show after all), one of my favorite cars at the meet was this blue S2000.  The TE/CE mismatch was on point.  My civic still has it’s original paint; 13 year old paint at that…one day I’d like paint as nice as this.  I’m not holding my breath though.


One really cool thing I liked about the meet was that you could really tell it was more about the people than the cars; for me anyway.  I like that sort of thing. It helped that it was the weekend before SEMA as well, so many industry people were around – from Japan at that.  Takeshi of Type-K fame was there, as well as Yasutaka and Ayako from Tactical Art.  Also great to see all the local people again as well; including getting to meet Judson from JDM Ego.


Always at least one show dog…


Salem’s track inspired TSX


Jay’s immaculate and incredibly suspension ‘focused’ 86 build.  Great getting to see this in person.

My favorite part of the car – and any car with Craft Square for the most part.


Really neat Type-R that looked for the most part stock, aside from some suspension.  I would trade my civic and S2000 for a car like this…


Another cool Integra from Loi Spec; looked very clean for a track car.


Go Tuning had one of their Spoon built S2000’s on display, as well as a giant booth showcasing various Spoon goods.


Joey had his Cima on display, as well as his Odyssey.  I’ve always liked this car.


This FR-S used to be red – the yellow wrap is a nice change, but I think I prefer the red color…


Eibach’s new Integra build.  Really well done build; not a huge fan of the 2-d rear diffuser though…


Mike’s Hakosuka – nice catching up with him for a bit as well.


Neat little Mercedes that was pretty close to the ground.


Later in the afternoon while Joey was handing out the awards, Yuta, Kodi and I were next to the main booth talking to Yasutaka and Takeshi.  I was only halfway paying attention when I heard Joey start talking about a sort of Japanese grassroots feel, and to my surprise he mentioned that he was giving the Choice award to NORUSH.  I’ve never been in a car show, and the only trophies I’ve won have been from being in the Unlimited FWD class in ETA Time Attack at Streets because of the stupid aero on my car.  Needless to say I had to do a double take and convince Yuta and Kodi that Joey was recognizing us for something.  We were all surprised and very humbled.  I’m sure not many people know what NORUSH is, and to those who don’t, it’s simply a group of guys that pretty much live the Japanese automotive lifestyle.  Plain and simple.  Nothing fancy, nothing particularly important either – just having fun in a shop doing what we love and going to every track day that we can afford.  We kind of just do our best to emulate what would be a small shop somewhere in Chiba or Yokohama or something, and live accordingly; heavily influenced by Japan.   Some days it works out, some days it doesn’t.  I know for sure some people were disappointed that the three dirtiest cars in the parking lot won something…hopefully not though.

I know it’s not really a big deal, but for some reason I was really happy that someone recognized it for what it was.  It’s unfortunate that a lot of times these days, cars are built for the wrong reasons; the car is not a mere tool.  Anyway, I’m very grateful for it.


Kodi, Yuta, and myself.


A shot of Doug’s FD.  TC3’s are such a great wheel for this chassis.


Sam talking with a friend next to a really cool S2000 that I didn’t get any other pictures of for some reason.

Eibach EG with really cool coilover graphic.


That’s about it for me – I know there were a lot of other nice cars, but I didn’t really get a chance to take many pictures.  Besides, I’m sure Joey will have awesome coverage of his event – he always does.
Thanks again and I’m sure next year will be even bigger.