Encounter: ガレージ マック Fuji


Last Sunday, since we were in the area for the Minkara meeting anyway, we decided to stop by the Stance Nation meet at Fuji Speedway.  Park and Matt were there as well so it was bound to be a good time despite what happened; I was running on fumes at the time so I mindlessly went along with anything suggested regardless.  Yasutaka messaged me on Facebook and told me to swing by to say hi; I wasn’t able to visit Tactical Art this time around, so it would be nice to say hi again.  Having slept for an hour and a half at a manga cafe in Shizuoka did pretty much nothing to revive me after a 3 day no sleep fest…


Anyway, once on the grounds, I was surprised to see the Garage Mak cars in attendance.  Garage Mak is based in Nagano, which is probably about twice as far from Fuji as Tokyo is; that’s quite a drive!  Anyway, they were looking as good as ever – extra stancy.

I took a few pictures at this event, I’ll post them up sometime soon, but tomorrow will be the start of the NDF Winter Cafe coverage so check back often.  Cheers!

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