Exclusive: Vincent Ong’s S2000 – Vancouver’s Finest

Last Summer (Spring?) I flew up to Vancouver to visit friends, get some Buenos, eat at some strange Chinese/Canadian breakfast place (twice), and photograph Vincent’s beautiful Voltex equipped S2000 for Import Tuner.  Now that that issue is long off the stands (two months I think now…time sure does go by fast), I’m able to post up some of the unused pictures from the photo shoot.  If possible, I like to offer two different settings for the prints; it also gives me a better chance of showing the car in it’s natural environment, or what it’s used for mostly.  The issue printed all from the first location, which was a very pretty stretch of road that Vincent took me too whose name which I cannot recall at the moment.  That left a lot of the downtown Vancouver shots unused, and that’s mostly what you’ll see here…

I love Canada, I’ve made a lot of friends there over the past year and I enjoy every chance I get to visit.  I was really happy to be able to photograph this car for Import Tuner.  Vincent has since become a great friend.  To top it off he bought me my favorite coffee mug to date…because of East Hastings.  All this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the publication in which requested it.  Print is still very important in this seemingly all digital age of content.  It gives us something tangible, something we can feel; that’s something you can’t get from staring at a monitor.  Keep that in mind next time you visit your favorite website…a subscription is extremely cheap for what you get.


Anyway, the evening we cruised downtown to take these photos, the sunset was super brilliant.  There’s a night club chain in Vancouver called ‘Cactus Club’.  We parked right in front of it to take some shots.


city 2


There was a lot of foot traffic which provided some entertainment while I snapped away.




Probably frowned upon usually, but I loved the sky’s reflection in the gloss black paint.


vincent full 1


Earlier in the day, this scenic route played host to our photo-shoot.  Just how scenic was it?  Well, we saw a deer grazing in the foliage to the left here…oh, hey that’s right.  We’re in Canada…


vincent rear profile


vincent fwd profile


The Voltex aero taking center stage for the car, among a plethora of other mods.


vincent pan 1


vincent wheel full fwd


It was so calm that, after taking this shot, I’m pretty sure I just sat down for a few minutes and enjoyed where I was at.  It was also a good chance for Vincent to take creepy photographs of me with his cell phone…

I really liked how the road winded to the right and back to the left here.


vincent rear quarter 2



vincent rear


Cheers, and Happy Valentine’s Day.