Event: Another Drift Thing In Nor-Cal



A few months ago I flew up to Nor-Cal to visit some friends and to attend a drift thingy put together by Club Drift; you can see it here.  The first one was a lot of fun – not serious, nothing crazy, just a parking lot for friends to get together and drift.  Well, they did it again, but I didn’t go – my good friend Huy did though, and he snapped some shots for the site.






These two Miatas from Gold Star were pretty cool.





Adam was there with his crazy, high-powered 2JZ Aristo making quick work of the course – doesn’t look like that passenger has a helmet on.  Taking notes from me I guess…Last time Huy and I went out without helmets in a chase car and got kicked out haha







Easy to spin the tires when you have like a million horsepower.








Wes and Adrian Ong were out in their Corollas.







Dino must be a good driver because I’m pretty sure this car is automatic and has an open diff.





I think this is David (?) – pretty neat looking coupe.






Glad to see that Club Drift is making this a regular thing.  It’s good to have a consistent place to practice aside from the street; trust me on that one haha


Thanks for the shots Huy!