Site News: Limited Canvas Print Additions



Happy to say that I finally got some time to print up a few more sample canvas prints to offer in the store.  The Pan Speed FD was a great way to kick off this new line of original goods, but I know that for some it’s not their first choice.  I also received many emails regarding the size of the prints.  I originally went with an 18″ print because I felt that this type of art wasn’t necessarily…I don’t know, appropriate (?) for a large print.  Then, when I saw the 18″ print I was astonished and decided to set it at that.  However, I was wrong!  People wanted something bigger – and since I am here for you, I increased the print size to 26″.  Price has remained the same, and more importantly, the quality as well.


The first of the new offerings is the Pro Shop Fukuoh FD3S – yes, I know, another FD.  This is a much different build than the Pan Speed one though and may appeal to a different demographic.  You can see a couple more shots of this in my HKS Premium Day coverage that will continue tomorrow.






The second new print is a really cool shot of the Arvou built S2000.  The driver, Shibata-san, getting off throttle coming into the Dunlop section of Fuji (turns 10/11), and the car backfiring in frustration.


I hope that these two new prints appeal to a new audience, and if there is ever any interest in another of my photographs, please feel free to email me at to inquire about a print (or through the contact section of the site).


If interested in picking up one of these limited prints, head over to the Narita Shop.