Event: Autocon 2014 Los Angeles – Selective Coverage V.1



This past weekend in Los Angeles we had beautiful weather.  Somewhat cloudy, probably high 60’s/low 70’s, nice cool breeze; it was gorgeous.  Which normally wouldn’t make me think twice, but  because this Sunday was Autocon LA I was shocked; because every single Autocon I’ve been to for the last four years has been held outside, and on 100+ degree days where the Sun seems to shift a couple miles closer to the Earth just for the afternoon.  Of course, this year, for the first time, it was held indoors at the Pomona Fairplex…go figure.  Anyway, for the most part having the venue indoors was great.  They even had a smaller outdoor section to enjoy as well.  I’m sure having a car show indoors comes with an additional set of challenges, but it seems to have been worth it.  I arrived around 1030am and got the run around from the Fairplex employees.  Every venue I go to I swear the people have a meeting before hand to make sure everyone is giving people the opposite information – although it’s probably just my luck.  I eventually ended up lying my way into parking at one of the gates close to the entrance and walked around outside until Justin saw me and gave me a wristband.  I was a bit early but Justin’s always been really cool about letting me in early.  I know on the show days he’s probably super busy, so I was glad he spotted me early on.  One thing I’ve always enjoyed about my relationship with Justin and Autocon in general, is that he understands I won’t post everything that was at the show.  Early on I let it be known that my coverage would be select, and he’s cool with that.  I truly appreciate that – I don’t want anyone to take that as me being pretentious in any sort of way, NDF has just always been about Japanese cars and Autocon has a large variety of cars from America, Europe and Japan.  Anyway, when I went inside I started snagging pics of the cars right away, so some of these will have people cleaning them and what not, but better than waiting 10 minutes to take a clear shot.
This R32 on Enkei’s and little Do-Luck bits was pretty cool.  It was at the Bulletproof Automotive Booth.




Back outside because why  not.  I saw this really cool FC and took a picture of it.  The owner was sitting on the wall behind it and I asked, “Is this yours?” He replied, “Yes.”  I then said, “Cool, I really like it.”, and he said, “Thank you.”




Pretty rad tint.  If I didn’t just sell my S2000 I probably would have done something like this but not red, just chrome.  The owner of this closed his trunk for me – thank you.






One of my favorite cars at the show.  It really looks like a demo car that you would see in Japan.  A lot of quality parts that you don’t typically see on 86’s here, unless of course you’re Judson from JDM EGO.




Advan RGIII’s and Project Mu make a great team.




These J-Blood carbon window visors were pretty awesome too.




Not something you’d really see on this site, but I like Liberty Walk 458’s so I took a few shots of this blue one.










I like the pictures the Liberty Walk guys post on their Facebook page.  It always looks like they’re having a great time cutting into these million dollar cars.




Along with Bulletproof’s now iconic FRS build, they brought out their newest project car; a full carbon GTR utilizing basically the entire Overtake catalog.  If you don’t know what Overtake is, you should probably look it up.  A newer outfit from Japan that makes the most quality carbon pieces for the GTR available.  This stuff is incredible.




Pretty amazing.






This Z33 seemed to be built really nicely as well.  I liked the blue colored TE’s against the black paint.




Nifty S2000 I’ve seen a few times before.





I see this Porsche two times a year. One at Autocon, and one usually at WekFest.  I don’t think it’s ever changed…but I don’t know.  It looks really nice though.







This S2000 caught my eye because the radiator was mounted like it was V-mount, so naturally I thought it was turbocharged…but it wasn’t.  So then I was left staring at it wondering what the deal was.  I wondered if he overheated driving to the event?  I wondered if he was going turbo in the near future?  I wondered many things.

Exterior looked pretty good though – I liked the SSR’s.




Then I saw the Air Force GTR behind this blue M3 that would have been pretty cool except it was on some strange colored Rotiforms that kind of clashed with the blue…I don’t know much about show cars though.




I was talking to Danh of R-Rydes about this car a bit and he answered my question for me without even having to ask him.    I was wondering what was up with the wheel fitment, and he mentioned that they got the wrong specs from Liberty Walk before the kit arrived.  By the time they realized that the kit was much wider than they were told, the custom sized SSR’s had already arrived in the states…







I mean, the car still looks really good.




It will be neat to see if the owner changes the wheels up.




Good looking NSX that was towards the front of the building.  It seemed like Impressive Wraps funded the entire show…looked like 50% of the cars were vinyl wrapped.  Good business to be in.




Can’t go wrong with red and white.




I really liked this IS that apparently drove in from the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan.  Long drive for a car show!





I have a soft spot for 57xtremes because I’ll probably be running them on my Civic, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they looked great on this car.  If you don’t get the joke yet, he didn’t really drive from Hyogo…





This EVO X was super cool – I really liked the Varis-ish pin striping along the side.  It’s quite similar to the Garage G-Force EVO X that I just shot last month.






Although it’s probably not as fast, it sure looked good.  Leave it to Varis to make an EVO X look good.









This Z34 was right in front of the stage area.  Built by R’s Tuning I believe, the body provided by Ben Sopra.  Something really threw me off about this car.  I’d be a horrible car show judge, don’t get me wrong, I can hardly build my own cars, but I feel like the wheels should be staggered in at least a 19/18 setup…and a lot lower.  Maybe it’s still in progress, so maybe I just caught it at a bad time….





….but I feel on these wheels it should look at least something like this, if not lower.  Rear wheel/tire still seems too small – scroll up and compare…but again, what do I know.  It’s a good looking car.  I am pretty fond of the color.


Anyway, check back tomorrow (hopefully) for the second part of coverage of the cars I enjoy of Autocon.