Event: Autocon 2014 Los Angeles – Selective Coverage V.3



What a day…


I hope everyone else had a much better Wednesday than I did.  I’m just getting home from a 12 hour work day, with a 2 hour break in between that consisted of me taking care of more stuff than most people would do in a week.  I leave in about 9 hours on my third flight this week; still haven’t packed, or prepared anything, and what do I do? I start editing the last of the Autocon coverage because I love you all and want you to have something to look at for 10 minutes tomorrow morning when you’re at work.


This is Yuta and Steve.  Steve was showing his daily FRS at Autocon but the two pictures I took of it came out blurry – go figure.  The picture I took of Steve though came out great.  Check out @koyorad on Instagram for a pic of his 86.  Steve is a great guy and has excellent taste in cars.




This was another car that I couldn’t believe the cleanliness of.  Incredible amount of detail…




From the engine bay…





…to the interior.


The car was immaculate.  It also had the new ICB seats, which seem to be Mugen reps? I’m not sure, they look very similar though.




Nice LS at 88 Rotors.





Bulletproof’s FRS build arrived back in the US just in time for Autocon and I’m sure was one of the focal points of the show.





If you haven’t seen this car before, throw a rock at a magazine stand and you’ll probably hit a magazine that has a feature of it inside.  Home & Gardens probably has a full spread even…


For good reason though – this car is pretty amazing.





Bulletproof also brought out a nice looking Z34…




…and of course their new project GTR.  That Overtake front bumper is like…8 grand…






Yuta and Kodi; just because.












This Z was in Import Tuner recently – you should check it out!  Really cool valve covers.





Liberty Walk GTR outside at the Toyo booth.









More bubbly GTR – I actually really like the color…I’m afraid I can’t expand on that.






Evasive S2000 on ZE40’s.






Super cool sticker I saw on Migel’s FRS…sucks that that M isn’t really there any more.





95% sure Yuta took this picture…




There were quite a few VIP styled cars there – I liked this GS400.






After the show we went to Boba Time before heading back to the shop.  Kodi got ramen and we all got tea…


It was a really nice day outside, and I enjoyed this.  Having two phones is bothersome, but Autocon was fun.  This year was probably one of the best – and I’m not just saying that because the show was held indoors this time.  In terms of accessibility on my part, it was much smoother than the past and that goes to show that as the years pass, more and more experience is put to use in the organization.  It’s probably reassuring for them to hear that, and I hope it continues.


Cheers. I need to sleep before crossing the Pacific tomorrow morning.