Encounter: 大黒ふ頭ハングアウト S15




Cruised around Daikoku Friday night to find the typical mix of cars and people hanging out.  Matt and I slept in Sekinei’s van for like an hour before getting up to walk around; actually I don’t think Matt woke up until we went to watch the streeting.  Something about being in Japan makes me sleepy…I sleep a lot there.

Anyway, I walked up to this group of kids because I wanted to see this S15 closer up…







Nothing incredibly special, but for some reason I really, really liked it.  I told him I thought it was the coolest car there that night, and he quickly replied, ‘No no no haha, that one is.’, and pointed to a grey S15 with lambo doors on the other side of the lot.  He was right, it was cooler, but I still like this one better.  I haven’t seen this aero before, and even the owner wasn’t totally sure as he purchased it with the front bumper already on.






Looked good though so I thought I’d share.  Looks like Weds SA55’s with a blue trim, gives a nice touch of color against the white and black.



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