Event: Wekfest San Jose 2014 – V.1



This picture is exactly how my desk looks right now as I’m typing this.

Random, I know, but this was actually taken last Saturday morning, back at home after I missed my early morning flight to Oakland; not by fault of my own mind you.  I had left the airport because the flight I got rebooked on wasn’t until 3pm, and at the time it was like 9am I think.  I actually headed to the shop and got some work done on the car before I came back home, took care of some things and headed back to the airport.

This flight was as planned and I got into Oakland around 430pm, where my friend Huy was waiting to pick me up.




We headed down to San Jose where we met up with Jimmy for some coffee at Philz.  Huy works at Borrow Lenses and always has some really cool equipment in his possession.  I got to play around a little with the new Alpha 7R; it’s ridiculous and I want one.






Jimmy’s LS parked on the street in front of SJSU.

Wekfest wasn’t until the Sunday, so we pretty much had a night to kill.  We met up with another friend, Derrick, and went to dinner at a really good ramen spot (Halu), and hit up 85 degrees after for some tea.


Around 11pm or so, Huy and I headed up to Saratoga to do some canyon runs and take a few night shots for a motivational poster project I’ve been working on (just kidding).  We got back to his house around 1am and went to sleep.





Fast forward to Sunday morning and I am standing in front of the San Jose convention center wondering where the hell to go.  The last time I went to Wekfest up North was in 2012 I believe; back when it was still held in San Francisco.  It was at the convention center in San Jose last year, but since I was in Japan I didn’t attend.  I ended up texting Joey from The Chronicles to see where abouts I was to go.  I didn’t even realize that the media check in was upstairs…I was so close, yet so far away.  Anyway, he told me to come around back to the loading area where he met me with a pass (thank you sir).


I’m self admittedly not good at car shows.






Inside the convention center, the shear amount of space was quite overwhelming.  The fact that the entire space was filled with cars already was even more shocking.  Roll in was the day before, and logistically speaking, a necessity for the amount of cars in attendance.  Trying to do something like this the morning of would have been a nightmare, if not near impossible.  The organization at this show is top-notch, and it showed early Sunday morning.

It was about 10 or 1030 by now so I figured I should start taking some pictures because around 12 I knew I wouldn’t be able to take a single clear picture because half of California would be inside the building.




This TRA Kyoto GTR made it’s debut a few weeks ago at another show I think (BLOX?), I don’t know.  It looks pretty cool though.














I forgot to change the temperature of these photos in Lightroom…damn.  Such warm. Wow.





It was parked next to this RWB car, that was doing what RWB cars in the states do best…






…parking.  Looked good though; can’t deny that.










Another RWB Porsche (looks like a 993 maybe?), further down the line.  Really like this color; it’s like a lighter version of Royal Ocean.






A couple ATS Garage DC2’s.  For some awesome shots of the blue one, head over to The Chronicles.







As far as show cars go, I’ve always been a big fan of Chris Sakai’s EK.  It’s very ‘mature’ looking, and the color is unique.











Mikey’s DC2 was trailored down from So-Cal to be in the show.  I see this car all the time, but no matter how many times I see it, I will never believe that the engine is real.  It’s too shiny…nothing can be that shiny…it doesn’t even look real and I can’t even.





I really liked this EVO9 at the Pristine Parts booth. Voltex and Tracers…











The blue tinted carbon was a nice touch as well.  I like blue.






Purplish/blue mirrors….super rad.  I like this car and I hope it won something.  I couldn’t tell you because I was back in So-Cal  before the show even ended for work reasons.  My day job is strange.






Next to that EVO was this really cool Ducati.  The carbon ferring looked like it also had a blue tint to it, but just because it was next to the EVO…made for a cool effect.















GO Tuning had  a  booth with their S2000 and CRZ cars.






This is Adam’s GS300.  It was actually the main reason I was up North that weekend as I was too shoot it for a feature.

He recently completed, well, almost completed, it with the new paint and new BN Sports aero.  Yes, it’s real BN, and yes, it’s available for the GS.




The car has a ridiculous amount of gold flake in the deep purple, pearlescent paint.  The indoor lighting didn’t do it justice…






Even the Voltex wing was cleared with gold flake…






The million horsepower 2JZ that Adam dropped in place of the sluggish OEM motor.


The coolest feature about this car is no doubt that Adam himself drives the shit out of it.  We talked for quite awhile, and while there are still a lot of parts he needs to put on it (like completing the hydro brake assembly), he’s shooting to drive it at All Star Bash this year; which I believe is in October.  I won’t say too much more about the car, you’ll just have to wait.


I’ll be back soon with more coverage from San Jose. Cheers ~