Encounter: Yokohama Underground – ガレージマック



One bonus of setting out to shoot a car for a magazine is that you’ll always end up with ancillary shots not used in the feature.  I was organizing some of my files tonight before I head out of town again and came across some photos of Baki’s S15 that I took.  To be honest I’m not even sure if these were for the IT shoot or for the website.  Either way, enjoy!






Seki knows of a really cool underground pass in Yokohama that has a perfect turnout for photos.






The light filtered in from the concrete rafters gives a somewhat eerie feel to the scene.






You can click this shot for a hi-res (1920x) version – I’ll add it to the wallpaper page later.





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  3. OMG wow. such dope pics! dang cant wait til I’m in japan next year. Gotta find some cool peeps cars to take pics of.

  4. Great job! This is the article that helped me find your blog.

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