Encounter: トトまるのCP9A – ピンクパワー




You may or may not remember me mentioning a little bit about Mitsuyoshi’s super pink Evo in the post I wrote awhile back about his conquest in the CT9A; if not, here is a chance to get a closer look at it.

While it may look like a dedicated track car, it actually maintains it’s registration.  Mitsuyoshi has been using this car to compete on a street tire and is aiming for the one minute barrier doing so.  Unfortunately, this last Tsukuba outing only garnered him a 1’01.518; I’m guessing due to the damp track conditions early in the day.  Still, the Dunlop ZII’s were no slouch in handling the 450 horsepower the car puts out – especially if it was to a damp circuit.







The bright pink is sure easy to spot on track!










We wish him luck on his quest for one minute!



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