Wallpaper: Pro Shop Fukuoh Upshift – HKS Day 2015



With another weekend trip to Japan under my belt this month, I’m finally back home for the night.  Yeah that’s right, for the night.  I have to wake up tomorrow and fly to Dallas for a three day conference.  Before I go though, I will get the opportunity to process some shots from HKS Premium Day…I mean, someone has to show them how it’s done on circuit, right? ;P


Head over to the wallpaper page to get a hi-res shot of the Pro Shop Fukuoh FD powering out of turn 1 at Fuji Speedway just yesterday.  Admittedly, coverage will be slow coming, but expect a steady flow of posts next week;  I’ll be working locally and will be home in the evenings to process and write – and there is quite a bit to write about!  Seems like, for the most part, every contender in Super Lap was able to cut time this year.  Case in point, the Fukuoh FD lapped Fuji in just 1.46.841; nearly a full second improvement over last year’s time.  So stick around, I promise I won’t disappoint!