Site News: Journey To Satisfaction

Hey everyone – we’re back!

Sorry about the down time last night that led into this morning; the result of such down time, however, is the new layout of the site.  If I were being completely honest, I’ve never been 100% satisfied with the look of the site (or anything in my life for that matter).  As a result, the site has changed it’s look over the past years multiple times.

It may have something to do with my limitations as a web developer in any form, and my inability to fully understand CSS.  My eye for websites is quite keen on minimalistic styles, with a very particular color palette – simple has always been best. I’ve got my hands tied behind my back in that regard though, as far as having the knowledge to achieve the look I want myself anyway, so I do what any other unskilled person would do – get help!

I thought about it for awhile and eventually came to the conclusion that, since the days of print are dying (and I say that with reluctance), we should try our best to preserve some sort of magazine like quality on our websites.  I believe that the final reiteration of NDF, it’s end-game so to speak, will have the look and ergonomics of a magazine, with the flexibility and convenience of a website.  This change is a large step towards that direction.

I hope you enjoy.