Event: Autocon LA 2015 V.1

I had the strangest sensation of déjà vu when we pulled into the Pomona Fairplex parking lot this past Saturday morning to attend Autocon.  I don’t know if it was a combination of the weather, which mirrored the overcast skies at last April’s event, or the fact that I was with Yuta once again, or even the time of year, but I got it (much like the three cups of coffee I just drank have given me over-caffeinated body shakes right now; not even sure how I’m able to type this without error).

That sensation, though, reminded me of just how much I’ve come to enjoy Autocon over the past 5 years.


The previous night, I had agreed to drive up to Pomona with Jay, but Yuta had text me shortly after offering to drive if we could stop by Anaheim along the way.  He was headed there anyway to pick up some vinyl for the livery on his red EG.  Being the avid environmentalist that I am, and always looking for opportunities to carpool, our plans were quickly altered and we met Yuta at our shop in the morning.


NDF_2993-EditAfter the quick stop at the vinyl store in Anaheim, and an even quicker stop at a local Starbucks we were on our way to the Fairplex, accompanied by none other than Taylor Swift.  They spelled Yuta’s name wrong; this happens quite often, but it never gets any less funny.




Yuta’s chariot of a Corolla got us there no problem.



Before heading in I walked around the parking lot a bit, waiting for Justin.  One of the reasons I enjoy Autocon, is that Justin has always made it really convenient for me to attend.  Call me lazy, but I’m much more inclined to attend a car show with thousands of people and hundreds of cars if there is a clear cut process on getting in and out.

I remember seeing this 3 series at the show last year, and while I’m not sure if much has changed, it still looks great.



Simple is best.



Jay Jay has lost a lot of weight in the past few months.  He seems pretty happy about that.

After I had got a hold of Justin, he asked me to meet him at the Scion Racing booth towards the Main hall entrance.  So while Jay and Yuta went over to hang out with Joey and Mikey, I made my way over to the front of the building to meet Justin, and to get a few shots of roll in.



Really clean Supra on Volk Racing SF Challenge headed towards the Fairplex entrance.



Evasive Motorsport brought out bother their GTR and IS demo cars.  I really enjoy the look of the Lexus; very nice blend of luxury and sport – looks good too.




Very nice, Varis equipped GTR on red TE’s.



After I had met Justin I walked back to the lineup of cars to say hi to some friends.  The Floss Design GT3 was awaiting it’s turn to head into the show along side the Six Sigma Auto RB NSX.



If I was being completely honest, and I really tried for like 2 minutes just now, I really can’t find the words to describe how I feel about this car.  It is growing on me though.  I think it’s just so opposite of what I’d do to a NSX that I’m startled by it…I can’t stop looking at it though haha



Looks great when it’s aired down.






Once inside the main hall I was greeted to an array of staging Bulletproof Automotive built cars.  Like last year, Bulletproof walked away with both best of show awards and the SS award for their GTR’s (the one above actually).



The massive, gold three-piece RYFT Design GT30 wheels are a stark contrast against the bright blue wrap.



Really diggin’ how they setup the exhaust on this car.  Somewhat Super GT’esque, it ran through the enclosed skirt and out just before the rear wheel.



The Esprit dry carbon wing sits right at home atop the trunk.  I like the titanium mounts as well – nice touch.



I think the aspect that makes this GTR stand out among the rest is the unique combination of aero bits it incorporates.  An amalgamation of Rocket Bunny, Overtake, Varis and Esprit make it hard to pinpoint any one look.  I gotta say though, I would love to see it painted in a dark grey or something less flashy – of course, that’s just me though.



Overtake’s carbon products are hard to beat.



Craft Square mirrors are a must have for a build like this.



I really liked the color on this Z34.  The front and rear bumpers I *think* are ZELE, but I’m not certain.






Looks great with the Arising II front fenders from Varis.  Another example of a good match of various aero parts.  Goes to show that the best look doesn’t have to be achieved by one entire kit.




The other Z34 was equipped with the full Varis offering, and was beautifully matched with a set of TE37 Ultras.



Another amazing build is the GTR SPL from Bulletproof.  A GTR that’s clad entirely in Overtakes entire catalog of carbon modificaitons.



They even utilized Advan’s ‘frozen carbon’ GT wheel to tie the carbon look into the footwork.



The weaves on Overtakes pieces are incredible, but then again, so is the price.



Concept One made another appearance.  They should gut this and turn it into a full track car.



Bulletproofs final GTR they had at the show; the GT1 Concept.  This thing has like 1,000 hp or something crazy.



I’m a little torn on the look though.  Plus, being honest, the 1,500 hp GTR’s at SP Engineering appeal a little bit more to me in terms of cars that are power focused.



I was pretty stoked to see this car though.  Ben had purchased this in Japan, had it shipped over, and cleaned it up a bit.





Mikey was there with his Integra build.  My camera broke after I took this picture due to some sort of lighting phenomenon caused by the reflection of an overabundance of chrome and the interaction of glass in the lens.



Car looked good on the Chevlon mesh.  I wonder how many people touched his valve cover that day.




Joey brought out his boat for the boat show as well.  I was surprised because he’s left to Japan today.  Gotta keep busy though.  I like the new decal on the rocker panel.



Y. Kim’s car.  I do not know Y. Kim, but I know that this is his/her car.  Quite low with the air and what not.



Some more shots of the SSA NSX next to the Super Street (Import Tuner?) FRS.  Looked just as good under the lighting inside.






Chrome wrapped GTR showing with R1 Concepts.



This 240 won the coveted ‘Yuta’s favorite’ award last year, but I didn’t confirm that it won this year.  Still looks really good.



Another shot of Evasive’s GTR back inside the building.



This car blew my shit away.  The Belladonna ‘La Squalo’ kitted Ford GT made it’s way to the show from Japan.  Belladonna is a niche outfit in Misato, Tokyo that creates things like this.

The La Squalo is somewhat of a modern remake of the 24h le mans GT40 from the 60’s.  Looks amazing.






Really cool that they were able to have the car here.  I must have stared at it for 20 minutes.

Check back later in the week for part 2 of our Autocon coverage.  Have a good night.