Event: Autocon LA 2015 V.2

I’m back! In town that is.  Well, long enough to get the second part of our Autocon LA coverage up.  We continue our retina stimulating walk through the Pomona Fairplex with a look at the Pink Ribbon Racing FD3S.


Our friend Will Wattanawongkiri is the driver for this car, and after catching up a bit with him I had questioned what exactly Pink Ribbon Racing is.  He explained that at the end of the season they were going to auction off the car and donate the proceeds to cancer research.  I thought that was pretty awesome – I hope they have a good turnout when they choose to auction it off.


The FD has a complete, TCP Magic aero kit, along with a few custom aero bits like the rear diffuser and front splitter setup.



Medusa was front and center at the Toyo Tires booth.  The booth is probably one of the most inclusive of any booth I’ve seen.  It’s literally a charging portal for mobile phones, as well as a resting area and product display area.




Red, white and blue.




Another shot of Medusa; beautiful red color.







Booth pose.




Supercharged FRS.







After relaxing at the Toyo Booth for a bit, Karl asked if I wanted to climb up on top to get a good view of everything.  This is from the top of the booth looking down on Medusa.



Ben’s Japanese RWB build.



I had to shout to Jay to ask him to politely see if the people who were standing in front of this GTR for literally 12 minutes would move out of the way so I could take a picture.



If you listen to the Podcast you’ll remember me mentioning this.  Totally unnecessary, but really awesome.




This picture is absolutely horrible, but I really only wanted to capture the color of this Supra.  It was beautiful.



Engine looked like it had a billion horsepower as well.




Clean EVO X.



The newest RWB US build was at the very back of the building.



The pair of Bulletproof GTR’s.



When I saw this FD I slowed my pace a little to check it out further…I wanted to like it, but something about it threw me off…



…when Yuta strolled up I asked him. “What am I missing here.” To which he replied a few seconds later, “Needs to be like an inch lower.”  He was right.  If this car was about an inch or so lower it would have been one of my favorites at the show.




Those of you who know me personally, know that I have a slight obsession with riding track bikes.  I ride my bike literally every day (that I’m home), and am in process of getting certified for the Velodrome.  So when I saw a track bike at the car show I had to check it out.  FFSR is a small outfit based out of LA that produces two frames I believe.  This one had some nice FSA parts on it, a Leader front fork, and some 85 iRT wheels.  Not really my style, but pretty cool nonetheless.




Cool looking EVO on AME Tracers.




This rather tastfully modified EVO was looking very nice tucked away in the corner.


It’s engine bay was far from simple however…




Garage Mak equipped Z33 on mag blue TE37’s from R-Rydes.  I like the GReddy BBK up front as well.



I liked this Lexus simply because of how outlandish it was…




…and I enjoyed the color palette.



Angel was at the show with his incredible EG – which is now kind of service as a makeshift demo car for his new shop, Nemos Garage.  I think he just opened up the storefront this week as well, so congratulations are in order.  He’ll actually be the first retailer to carry the Dogfight LCP line of goods.



This car held my attention for a solid 10-15 minutes.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a J’s Racing kit (I think like 3 years ago at an Autobacs in Yokohama), so it was rather reminiscent.  Not only that, but I’m a huge fan of the design of this aero.  The combination of everything else on the car, along with the color choice, won me over enough to give it the coveted ‘NDF Award’ which I made up just now and doesn’t actually exist.  I’ll post some more shots of this car later.


Around 2 or 3 we reluctantly had to leave because we needed to meet up with Kyle to exchange some goods.


After meeting up with Kyle and partaking in some rather uneventful drifting in Yuta’s Corolla (it was raining a little bit so you know we had to), we decided to eat lunch at BJ’s because both Kyle and I wanted a beer.



Yuta and I split this giant Mediterranian deep dish pizza which was actually really good, and way too much food.  We had to get a box to go and we put four slices in there and now that I’m thinking about it I never got my two slices.  Yuta you owe me two slices of Mediterranian pizza…