Event: CVR Rush – VTEC Club Round 4

As I sit here writing this on my way to Kansas City, 39,000 feet in the above ground in a tube made of various metals and composites, traveling a good 550mph, I struggle past my exhaustion in an attempt to coherently transcribe my thoughts from this past weekend. It’s interesting how my perspective on our local track events has changed over the past couple of years. Perhaps it’s because I’ve become a little more open minded (perhaps even a collective change in outlook amongst my peers), or have had the good fortune of befriending many of those involved, but I no longer view them the way I did (unnecessarily arrogant so to speak).

I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine yesterday and the topic of ‘community’ came up. Getting ready to move out of the small town she is currently living in, she mentioned that she was really going to miss the sense of community she feels there. In an attempt to empathize with her, I mentioned that, while I don’t get that particular feeling living in a large city, I do feel it at the track events I attend; familiar faces, working towards (often times helping to achieve) similar goals, relishing in others successes and sharing the enjoyment of competition that comes along with a communal endeavor. While that’s a rather specific example, it does a good job of exemplifying the importance of being part of a community.

I don’t know how these things happen, perhaps it’s just an unconscious priming of thought or some sort of passive expectation, but the next morning, literally just having had a discussion about community with Kayla the previous day, I had a similar discussion with my friend David, who lives in Seattle, over Facebook. He solidified my thoughts by mentioning that the community we have at the track here is actually visible to an outsider (even off the track; i.e. online groups). It’s not particularly common elsewhere, and I think that its new organizations (and those behind them) like VTEC Club that are drivers of my newly acquired viewpoint.   I highly encourage anyone who wants to track their Honda, but is possibly apprehensive about the experience, to look to VTEC Club as a starting point.

NDF_3197-EditVTEC Club held its fourth round this season at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, and thanks to a handful of friends I was able to make it out to drive the track for the first time. I have to thank Adrian for lending me his truck, as well as our neighbor Jacob for always being generous with the use of his trailer. While my car is registered at the moment, it definitely doesn’t belong on the street. I didn’t really want to risk the 3.5 hour drive to CVR in a race car. Jay was kind enough to accompany me for the drive, and to help me load/unload the car onto the trailer as it’s not the easiest trailer to utilize. Because of the distance to the track, a couple of guys from the shop decided to get a hotel outside of Indio to lessen the burden of travel. We left late Friday night and arrived to the hotel about midnight.

NDF_3198-EditAs soon as we got to the hotel Jay somehow was instantly drunk.

NDF_3200-EditJustin, Dom, and I spent an hour or so looking up laps of CVR on YouTube and checking out the schedule for the next day.

NDF_3204-EditDom was sleepy.

NDF_3209-EditWe got about 4 hours of sleep, and woke up early in the morning to make the remainder of the drive to the track.  Dom’s S2000 was looking good in the morning sunlight of the desert.

NDF_3221-EditAs was Justin’s.  My car was still there on the trailer too looking rather plain.

NDF_3226-EditWhen we arrived at CVR the temps were already heating up.  I think at the hottest point it was about 98 degrees.

NDF_3222-EditWhich leads me to introduce Phillip Robles.  A person I have been waiting to meet for awhile now, and who was gracious enough to not only lend us the shade of his trailer, but supplied us with plenty of water throughout the day.  I’ll have a closer look at his EG in an upcoming post, but I want to take this time to extend my gratitude to him for the weekend.  Truly a good dude, and someone I know that pretty much all of NORUSH looks up to haha.

NDF_3229-EditThe SE37’s on Dom’s car look great.


NDF_3231-EditTony pulled up a bit late with the new build he and friend had been working on leading up to this event.  The supercharged S2000 makes nearly 450 whp.  He ended up with a 1’56 lap time – insanely fast.

NDF_3234-EditThe 57Xtremes look great all around with the Hankook TD’s in, I believe, a 295 width.

NDF_3236-EditAll around the paddock, cars were getting ready to head out for the first session.

NDF_3237-EditMatt Rojana and his S2000 ended up first in his class once again.



NDF_3241-EditDuane and Tom mocking up some flares for the front of Tom’s EF.

NDF_3247-EditFront shot of Phillips amazing EG.  Again, so stoked to hang out with this dude all day.

NDF_3251-EditAnother shot of Matt’s S2000 with Clement flexing or something in front of it.

NDF_3257-EditTrack Monstars Integra.


NDF_3278-EditFinally it was time to head out on track.  I headed to pretty much the only corner of the track to shoot from with Ryan, so I apologize if these are a bit repetative.

NDF_3298-EditDuane’s CRX was looking good heading out of the last corner.




NDF_3335-EditJustin took me out for a couple hot laps towards the end of the day to show me correct lines for a complex I was having issues in.  It’s incredibly apparent my car needs more power hahaha and my driving needs improvement as usual.

NDF_3345-EditTony telling Clement to get.



NDF_3365-EditYuta got a late start, but was able to make it out for a few runs.  His tires were totally shot, but was able to improve when Kristian showed up on Sunday with some fresh tires for him.

NDF_3400-EditNSX easy on the brakes headed into the first turn.




Justin and Dom headed in after their last session.


NDF_3425-EditWas great to see Angel’s car out on track. Also a quick congrats to him for opening the store front of Nemo’s Garage last week.

NDF_3498-EditWhen everyone was wrapped up for their VTEC Club runs, we took a couple cars over to the corner for a mini shoot.

NDF_3499-EditThe above picture is hi-res, feel free to use as a background if you wish.



NDF_3563-EditLoaded up.  Wish I could have stayed for Sunday, but I needed to get home to pack and take care of some stuff before heading out to Missouri on Monday.  My poor car is just sitting in the shop now, dirty and trashed.

NDF_3535-EditAs usual at VTEC Club events, I had an amazing time with friends and some people I consider family.  Can’t wait until the 5th Round to get behind the wheel (and camera) again.