Event: VTEC Club Round 5 – Season End

With the year’s new Summer taking no time to bare it’s teeth, 107 degree temperatures plagued the desert at Round 5 of the 2015 VTEC Club series.  Willow Springs International Raceway played host to the season’s final round, where competitors gathered to claim the last points available in each run group.  While the heat may have hindered some, there were a few drivers that were able to grab personal bests despite the weather, and lap times that secured victories for each class.

NDF_3965-EditArriving earlier than usual, we thought we would avoid some of the heat while getting the cars setup; we were wrong though.  Even at 830 the temperatures were pushing mid 80’s.


NDF_3971-EditSon arrived fashionably late in his crippled S2000.  He was still able to get out for a few laps and drive home though – always a good thing.

NDF_3974-EditTony was one of those who set personal bests of the day in his supercharged S2000.  He walked over everyone with a 1’20.256.  He also ended up winning Group A championship for the season.

NDF_3975-EditThis yellow S2000 on gold RPF’s caught my eye.

NDF_3976-EditAlways good to see James at these events; glad his car is holding together!

NDF_3977-EditRichie’s S2000.

NDF_3980-EditGreat to see NSX’s getting driven on circuit.

NDF_3981-EditI was walking around the paddock after the second session and saw this EG on Regamaster’s – good looking car.

NDF_3984-EditS2000 on SSR Competitions.

NDF_3985-EditHaven’t seen this coupe at any of the previous events; nice to see new people at the track!



NDF_3989-EditNo doubt that VTEC Club is popular amongst S2000 drivers.  One of the most capable chassis’ in the series, the drivers have their own little rivalries going on amongst themselves.

I really liked the look of this red one further down the paddock.

NDF_4001-EditYuta’s EG clad in the new livery that Steve designed.  He spent a lot of time applying this over the past few weeks, but it looks like it was worth it!  He was able to squeeze in one hot lap – enough to take home first place in his class for the day.

NDF_3997-EditMatt Rojana, another class winner, and season champion for Group N, was another driver to get a personal best despite the high temps.

NDF_3990-EditNice blue S2000 on RPF’s.


NDF_4005-EditDom’s S2000 was riddle with issues leading up to the event, and the problems continued on track.  He had a scare early Saturday morning with a small electrical fire, and after he got to the track he had to change his timing chain tensioner, and if that wasn’t enough, his VTEC solenoid came loose in his first session and dealt with overheating all day.

Gotta take the good with the bad.

_MG_9602-EditOn the grid, ready to go!

NDF_3972-EditMy car ran very well all day, with no cooling issues to speak of thanks to the support of Koyorad.  The silicone I had used to adhere the hood vents to my hood though, got so hot that one of the vents flew off.  Some people asked why I didn’t use rivets, and the answer is simply I don’t like the look of riveted on hood vents.  I’ll have to figure out something for next time…could be simply not driving in 107 degree temperatures.


Kristian came along to help out with registration and awards as usual.  He was also able to grab this cool shot coming into the skid-pad.



Figured I’d throw this video of me struggling to keep up with Justin for fun.

Really looking forward to the night event in July!  After that it may be time to say goodbye to the engine that’s currently in my car…but we’ll see how much time I have.