Encounter: アドバンステクニカル FD3S

As you know by now, Advance builds their shop cars specifically to take on Fuji Circuit.  Their FD, which they’ve been developing for some time now, is hands down the shop’s fastest build.  It’s able to lap Fuji Speedway in a very respectable 1’56; a lap time most street cars can’t touch.

NDF_4750-EditThe FD is outfitted with a custom Advance Flatout SPL kit that provides the aero effects it needs around the large track.  While the Sard ‘Fuji spec’ GT wing rounds out the rear end.

NDF_4773-EditSekinei and Masahiro discussing the car, and also squaring up for a break dance battle.

NDF_4758-EditThe cars 13B is equipped with a Trust TD06-25G turbine, as well as a plethora of other Trust ancillary components.  The V-mount setup with ARC radiator and Trust intercooler keeps the whole setup cool enough to go flatout around the circuit.


NDF_4781-EditThe engine is mated to a HKS 6 speed sequential transmission that utilizes an ATS carbon twin-disk to get the power to the ground.  A Kaaz 1.5 way LSD helps keep the power distributed properly.

NDF_4769-EditThe car sits atop 17″ TE37’s all around, with a 255/40 Advan A050 tire.

NDF_4768-EditHiding behind the wheels are the Brembo F50 friction-makers that squeeze Endless pads and rotors.

NDF_4760-EditInside the cockpit, once resting comfortably in the Recaro SPG, you’ll find a handful of Trust gauges, as well as the iconic HKS Circuit Attack Counter.



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