Event: VTEC Club Season 2 Final Round V.2

With all the running around and traveling I’ve done for the busy holiday I almost forgot I had a couple more shots from the final round of VTEC Club to post up.  After chatting around the paddock area, and bouncing from the beginning of the straight to the end, Duane approached me and asked if I wanted to head over to Cotton Corners.  I gladly accepted because I don’t get to go to the infield at these events too often.  It’s nice to get a different perspective when photographing track events.  As a result though, most of the on-track shots in this post will be from there and may be a little repetitive.

NDF_7037-EditIt was pretty chilly in the morning (I think it was in the 30’s) and everyone was bundled up to stay warm.  Dom had Bentley to keep him warm…

NDF_7018-Edit…while others kept warm in other ways; questionable ways… 


Was happy to see this car at the event, as it is quite the looker.  Andrew Horn brought out his EK (which I believe is the old Password car) to run in the final event.


It was one of my favorites that day.  It has a simple styling with a few pretty neat features, I think most of which are available at Password.


I like the carbon headlight duct, which was partially wrapped in a dark chrome vinyl.


It also had the cleanest valve cover ever – not that that means anything, but it is so why not point it out?



In action around Cotton Corners.


Kristian sporting the new VTEC Club USA t-shirt, with Mylene checking out the front straight action.  Duane’s in the back there probably talking about how every other car was going off-track on the warm up lap.


Dom and Bentley the attack dog.


Look at the fire in those eyes…frightening.


Duane heads out for a hot lap.


That cool DC5 from the first part.  Looks good on track too!


Boring shot of a nice looking Type-R.


Ryan and Matt in the background of a nice lineup of S2000’s.  Too bad the Ballade K-Series powered S2000 couldn’t hang for more laps.  Looking forward to seeing what that car is capable of.


The next few shots are of a couple cars exiting Cotton.





I shot this as I was walking away back to the paddock.  I like the perspective because of the elevation change.

As usual, I had a ton of fun and I can’t wait until the next season.