Close-Up: カーモディファイワンダー & ヒマワリ TAS

Car Modify Wonder had several cars on hand to introduce their somewhat new lineup of Glare aero parts, and as usual, they did not disappoint.  It’s refreshing to see a truly unique and creative offering, especially for older chassis’.  It’s a stark contrast from what we’ve recently been used to seeing; which is more or less a cookie cutter approach to exterior styling (I don’t need to say anymore than that for you to catch my drift).  Check out the shots below and let me know what you think.

This year, Car Support Himawari was showing with Wonder, as they are close partners.  My good friend Ikegaya is a friend and supporter of the owner of Himawari and while we were there he introduced me to Kazuya.  He’s a younger guy, and a tremendously hard worker.  He’s got the right mindset and just from the short time we talked together it’s clear that he’s got the drive to be very successful. The shop’s name is Sunflower in Japanese, which explains the car’s bright yellow exterior.








I’m the most absent minded person I accidentally deleted the front shot I had of this S15 from my hard drive…






NDF_7733-EditSo good, right? ではない?

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  1. Love the coverage Sean, missed your coverage of TAS in the past though i totally understand why.

    Nice to see smaller establishments pushing new looks on older chassis and not using the same recycled ideas.

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