Close-Up: Smoke and Fire – VTEC Club Spotlight

Before I get to processing and writing about the coverage of this past weekends VTEC Club season opener, I thought I’d try out a new idea for these events.  Covering VTEC Club when I could last year was a lot of fun for me.  The committee that puts these events together happen to be not only great people, but good friends of mine as well.  Come to think of it, photographing these events combines almost everything I enjoy in life into one location; perhaps that’s why it feels nothing like work.  Maybe that’s the feeling people get when they do what they love for a career.  Anyway, I’m getting way off topic here.

For this next year of VTEC Club, I wanted to try to highlight a car or two each event that personify the type of car I enjoy photographing.  You know, to give it it’s own little spot in the limelight for a couple days.  The majority of the people that come out to drive these events do so at the expense of other luxuries in life.  They put a lot of effort and money into their build and we all know the feeling when that hard work gets recognized.  It’s a good one.  So to kick it off I wanted to take a closer look at a couple of my favorite cars at this event.  In this case, they happen to be friends of mine; Matt and Amir.


Matt has been building his car at Ballade for the better part of last year, and the work has been paying off.  Taking first in his class last year (A2), and starting off this year with a first place position, as well as a personal best.  He managed to round Streets in a 1’24.3 – edging very close to the 23 mark.


The new look for this year is quite amazing.





If you know Amir, you’d know that he has somewhat of an automotive acquisition problem.  Well, depending on who you ask it may not actually be a ‘problem’.  His newest acquisition though, is this NSX.  He purchased the car just a few months ago, and in that time has begun to restore it to a more reliable state.  Along the way the car has picked up some aesthetically pleasing parts as well.

NDF_8900-EditThe new bronze TE37’s look right at home against the black exterior.

NDF_8913-EditAmir was able to put down a 1’27.7 on paper, but towards the end of the day the car squeezed out a 1’26.9 on his AIM lap timer.  Unfortunately, his transponder was no longer transmitting.




These cars by themselves, although on the simpler side, are a treat to look at.  Put them together, though, and you get a pair of Honda’s that are hard to surpass in both looks and performance.




I look forward to seeing how both Matt and Amir do throughout the season.


Came across this and decided to throw it in just to say, ‘thank you’.  To everyone that stopped by Kristian’s CR-V/makeshift NDF store front to say hi and purchase the new shirt, and also to the unbelievable group of friends I have the pleasure of being affiliated with.

Hope you liked the little excerpt, I’ll be back with event coverage soon!