Encounter: Circuit Comeback – はるななのDC5

Up until this past attack season, I had never met Mr. ‘Harunana’ but I had stumbled across his Minkara page a few years ago.  Back then his DC5 looked quite a bit different.  The car’s exterior was much more sparse, and I can imagine the car was actually a lot heavier as well.  But a lot can change over the course of a couple years, and this DC5 is testament to that.

Before seeing the car in person, the memory I had of it was much different.  Walking into the pits of Tsukuba, I had to do a double take when I first glanced in it’s direction.  The front end was much more aggressive, the glass replaced by lightweight Lexan, and overall, the car looked a lot more DIY track build than before.  The car has been an ongoing project for it’s owner over the course of 4 years.  This latest Battle Evome event marked the resurrection of the Integra’s track career, competing in the Grooving category to shake some of the rust off.  A fast lap of 1’02.420 was marked before the day’s end; quite an improvement from his 1’05 several years ago.  Harunana mentioned how much grip the A050’s had compared to the Hankooks he ran last time; this being the first time trying the tire.  I can only imagine how great 295 A050’s feel…


The car looked quick on track, but I’m sure there is room for improvement in it’s current state.











Hopefully he can reach his target time at TC2000 of 1 minute flat, and a 1’55 at FSW.  If he keeps on the same track he’s on, I’m sure he’ll be able to achieve it with no issues.  But hey, no rush right?

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