Event: バリドリ天国 Vol 6 – Golden Heaven

1990’s motoring in Japan, for a few people, has recently increased in popularity, becoming somewhat of an abstract study into a very unique culture.  A lot of what we see today, especially in drifting, is an amalgamation of trends and lifestyle cues from that era; things that we aren’t necessarily privy to (unless of course you were a teenager in Tokyo in 1995).  Yuji Hasunuma, owner of Pro Shop Wave, was a prominent figure in the peak times of ‘hashiriya‘; a time where the older generation today, was growing up and exploring the world of motorsports.  Despite the change in trends, Yuji and his shop is still around today in Kanagawa, and as a ‘tip of the hat’ to the age his generation loved, he began the Bari Dori Heaven events.

Two years ago we first explored this odd gathering after receiving an invite from Yuji himself.  Due to the ease of availability, and lower price of the smaller displaced motorcycles like the Honda NSR’s and CBR’s, and the fact that you could obtain a license at 16, they served as a gateway into car life and a way to express themselves.  The Bari Dori event successfully bridges this gap and brings both of these aspects together in celebration.  The event used to be held annually, however because of it’s popularity, they held two last year, and will probably do the same again this year.  Yuji reached out to Sekinei back in April asking if he was available to come out to the event again, and of course, with Sekinei being in like company, he wholeheartedly agreed.

今回も蓮沼社長にお声がけ頂き、イベントに足を延ばさせて頂いた。茂原サーキット。私、    Sekineiは横浜出身なので、何時も興味のあるイベント、茂原サーキットのバリドリ天国は90年代位の人達には、きっと胸躍る、(筆者もその一人)のイベントに間違いはない。プロショップウェーブといえば、


It’s easy to write off what we don’t really know as unimportant, especially if we already have the end result of years of culmination of a sport.  But if you think about it, a huge majority of the shop owners, and D1 drivers that are now so prominent, spent their youth enveloped in living the lifestyle that a lot of us idolize, growing the the sport into what it is today.   People like Kuniyaki, Ueno and other D1 and D1SL drivers grew up with this lifestyle and it’s a big part of what it is today.

Kunny’z の高橋さんといえば、Night Walkers、森さんと共に、正直、4枚90マークⅡ3兄弟ツアラー系を世に知らしめた存在だと思う。Cool Dの藤田さん、Night Legends上野さん等々、皆憧れて随分トヨタの売り上げに貢献したのは紛れもない事実だと思う。


Bari Dori sees a lot of regulars, as there really isn’t another event that grants them access to relive the past like this.  Bike crews like Bullet Boys and Burn Stick meet up with long standing drift teams like Tension, Street Junkies, and Rowdy.  Many of whom grew up together, and drove passes together to pass time.

2輪の走行時間には茂原の直線が、ウイリーキング決定戦会場になった感じで、見ごたえ抜群。SP忠雄(忠ヘル)、ティアオフシールド 目線ウイリーが決まってます。

虎魂龍勢 Kokonryuusei famous of Kawasaki area. 赤ゼッケンカーニバル状態な皆様

Kuribayashi a.k.a King Kuri, famous for 250’s hand drew this shirt.  The dude was super stoked about it.

Tシャツを見せて頂いた。栗林氏(King Kuri?) が描いたと仰っていたと思います。栗林氏といえば250γ 芦ノ湖スカイラインで有名だった方だったと思う。

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