Site News: NDF Storefront Opening 05/03

The heart of Japanese time attack lies with those at the top of the time sheets; the shop owners and drivers that have devoted their lives to the sport.  From our beginnings, we’ve worked together with these individuals to give them a stage to showcase their work.  The Frontrunners tee pays tribute to the builders that are pushing this motor sport to levels we’ve never seen.  Each year our list has grown, and 2018 is no different.

This year we’ve welcomed many more to the rank of Frontrunner.  Names like Hayashi-san at Auto House Solid, Seyama-san of Seyamax, Ando-san from Auto Rescue IZU and many more.  We’ve also been working with Under Suzuki and Scorch Racing to feature them in their quest for a 49 second lap around Tsukuba.  I’m happy to continue with this tradition into it’s 4th year with the store reopening tomorrow.

Along with the new Frontrunners Tee, the store will be restocked with decals and other accessories.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the ‘Spirit’ Tees printed in time, but they will be coming within the next few weeks.  I’ll have the store open, and restocked when those shirts come as well for everyone who isn’t able to get in on this opening.  Patches and new Nobori’s will also be in stock in the coming weeks too.

The NDF SPL Helmet Visor decals have already been tested on track and have been very well received by those that are already using them.  There are 4 different colors/styles to choose from.

If you have any questions about sizing or product information, feel free to contact me through the site.

Thanks for the support!