Product Spotlight: 80R Volume 1 – Preorder Available

This project has been a long time in the making.  If you consider the years of traveling to and from events, the relationships formed over time, the days spent photographing and editing; to think that it was put together over the past 3 or 4 months seems fast in comparison.  On behalf of everyone involved in our new venture into print, I am proud and excited to announce the availability of 80R  Volume 1: The Story of Japan’s Fastest Time Attack Drivers.

I began this project not knowing the time and cost associated with making a niche book from scratch.  Learning a new program, and all it’s ancillary functions, was a task in itself.  Add onto that the hours of researching self-publishing, distribution, and printing and you can see the time alone spent not even creating was daunting.  Weeks of communication with drivers in Japan, translating release forms and interviews.  I soon began to realize this was a project I would probably not be making any sort of notable income from given the time I was spending on the work.  Instead of giving up and ending it there, I quickly adopted it as a passion project and tasked myself with the challenge of completing it by this Fall.  Literally everyday after work, for the better part of 4 months, I would lock myself in my office and hack away at the project.  It wasn’t without sacrifice, and I sort of lost myself in the work, but it’s a product that I can be proud to have our name on.  Below is the Preface to Volume 1:

80R was created as a way of documenting the people behind the niche sport of Japanese time attack.  It is the published result of years spent accumulating information, forming sincere relationships, and an earnest dedication to racing in Japan.  The celebrated racing driver, Nobuteru Taniguchi, was once quoted as saying that 80R was one of the most crucial corners at Tsukuba Circuit.  While that may be true, it is just one of the 12 that compose the entire course.  We are taking a similar approach to this new venture in print.  With 80R we don’t have the intention to comprehensively cover the sport, but to provide a new, archival way of sharing stories and images.  One that has yet to be explored for this type of racing.  Something physical, offline, and easy to reference.

With each volume released, 80R will give focus to a select group of individuals, cars and shops that are at the forefront of time attack; with the eventuality of having an encyclopedia-like reference after multiple volumes have been printed.  While deeply rooted in the unchanging fundamentals of racing, time attack is a sport that is surprisingly progressive.  Being tied to advancements in motoring technology, the contenders become unlimited in capability.  This makes for a motor sport that is very quick to evolve – unrestrained by rules and regulations.  Whether in the paddock or on track, it is very exciting to be a part of.

Since the rise of accessibility provided by the internet, printed publications have become much more uncommon.  The ease of posting content on the web has become almost too easy, resulting in content that seems to have very little thought behind it.  On the flip side, the infrequency and effort of publishing something makes it all much more special.  This magazine is a project that forgoes the ease of digital media.  It allows you to engage meaningfully with the text and imagery.  To appreciate the creative direction in the content, and the freedom from constraints in the layout.  For us, the creators, it is an experiment in effective, attractive narratives.  I look forward to this next step and would like to personally thank you for the past several years that led us to this opportunity.


Sean Lucas / ショーンルーカス


Thank you to everyone involved, and for everyone reading this now – you’ve given us he opportunity to branch into a new and exciting form of sharing for the motor sport that we enjoy.

80R Volume 1 is available to pre-order at Shop NDF.