Video: 80R Volume 2 Promo – Tomiyoshi Racing NSX

Just before the last weekend of January I flew out to Kyushu to attend the Autopolis Super Lap event.  Having never visited this particular course, I was lowkey very excited for this weekend.  Unfortunately, the gods were at odds that day, and it was no sooner than I had touched down at Kumamoto airport that I received a message from Shimada-san of Kyush Danji that the event was cancelling because the entire circuit was blanketed in snow.

Autopolis is situated at the top of a mountain, so while the weather looked overcast but manageable around the town, it was an entirely different story at the track just a 30 minute drive away.  While Sekinei and I had, by far, traveled the longest distance to get there, we weren’t the only ones put out by the snow.  Shimada who had driven from Miyazaki on the East side of Kyushu, and Hannita, along with the Tomiyoshi brothers, had driven North from the town of Izumi.  Not wanting to have my travels end up an entire waste, I asked Shimada to hang tight while we met him at a nearby rest stop.

Shimada was featured in Volume 1 of 80R, and we had plans of getting the better half of Kyushu Danji together for a spotlight in Volume 2 this particular weekend, but as that was no longer an option I approached Hannita about a possible solo shoot.  It may not seem like it, but it’s a lot to ask.  The car isn’t transported in it’s track-ready state and it’s not a quick process to get it there.  Wheel change, ride height change, aero additions, etc. – it’s a long process.  Thankfully, everone was on board and we headed off to the HSR Plaza nearby.  I was able to get bits of video together to arrange a promotional video for Volume 2 featuring the car that will now be gracing the cover.

I also understand that video is something that we’re late to the game with, and a media that seems to have a majority preference in today’s connected world.  If you’d like, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and I’ll do my best to update the channel with feature videos, circuit pit walks during events, personal in-car videos from my own campaigns, and updates to Kristian (@studytuned/@battlecraftparts)  and my new shop.

I’m well underway in Volume 2, and have a majority of the driver and build list completed and approved and it won’t be long until I once again start compiling the stories about the fastest time attack drivers in Japan.  Thanks for watching.