Event: NDF Attack Challenge – March 10, 2019

If you happen to follow our Facebook or Instagram page, you may have noticed a few images promoting an upcoming event we’re headlining with the organizers of VTEC Club.  NDF Attack Challenge is our take on emulating a Japanese style of time attack that is not often found in the States.  Naturally, with the countries being almost polar opposites of one another (in both size, demographic, and culture), there are some very notable differences between the execution of the two; the most striking difference being that of classing.

In countries outside of Japan, it’s not uncommon for any given motor sport series to be split into multiple categories that restrict certain modifications in an attempt to keep competition equal at all build levels.  In Japan, the story is a bit different.  With the limiting conditions being kept to a minimum – namely tires and engine type (NA vs. FI).  This lack of constraint results in a very, very high paced environment that is continually pushing the boundaries of what is considered fast.  Motor sports in the States holds it’s own special place in the world, and we have no desire to change how great it is. We understand why classing exists and the population that lives to build to the rule book.  While this benefits a greater portion of people who enjoy the spirit of regulated competition, building with restraint really does limit how fast we can go.  Not only in comparison to others, but to ourselves.  I’ve always been drawn to time attack because of the personal connection between the car and driver; it really is a contention against yourself.

A mission statement for the event is posted below along with some general information.  If you’d like more information, or would like to register, please visit the VTEC Club USA Facebook page.  If you are attending, feel free to repost one of the hi-res promo images below – whether you’re driving or spectating, it’s sure to be an exciting session.

On March 10th, during Round 1 of VTEC Club at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, we will be playing host to the first NDF Attack Challenge, a pilot event that aims to showcase the true spirit of Japanese time attack; a dedication to a single platform with little to no restrictions. An emulation of classing and style of the country in which the motor sport gets its origins. The underlying objective of time attack has always been continuous improvement. A founding principle of the sport is to achieve faster lap times built upon past results. Attackers who return time after time are devoted to these values and it shows on track.

NDF Attack Challenge celebrates their dedication to victory, and aims to inspire others to advance their own drive.

This is the true spirit of attack.

We will be holding this event in its own run group at the end of Session 2. Those of you who wish to participate, please make sure you fill out the dedicated registration form when you turn in your tech sheets. You will receive a unique decal to place on your car, and the top 15 times from Session 1 will be selected to run in the special Attack Challenge session. Because this is based off of time attack in Japan, we are expecting you will receive about 4-5 laps (1 out lap, 2 hot laps, 1 cool down) during the session; so please be prepared!

Top time trophies will be presented during the award ceremony for fastest FI, fastest NA, and fastest Radial. We’re looking forward to showcasing VTEC Clubs top competitors in this high-tension super lap session.  Thank you, and good luck!