Video: 80R Volume 2 Promo – Endless FD3S

In my attempt to promote the next Volume of 80R, I’ve been doing my best to collect video from each dedicated photoshoot.  Unlike it’s precursor, Volume 2 will contain media that has not been published anywhere else.  The innagural issue was a great starting point, but if I have an opportunity to improve upon it, I am going to take it.  So, if I’m unable to immediatly share with you some of the content, I can at least provide an alternative; video was a great solution.

Due to time restrictions, scheduling, and availability, I can’t promise extensive videos for every feature car of 80R.  I will put forth my best effort to at least capture some footage to introduce a majority of the cars gradually throughout the year.

Shimaya-san and I had scheduled a photoshoot on Friday afternoon during the test day for Attack.  Unfortunatly, the team had some pressing maintenance issues they had to tend to, so we rescheduled for Saturday.  It was a tight fit, as I was slated to photograph many other cars that day, but it ended up working out rather well.  We waited until sunset, and got permission from the track staff to use the front straight of TC2000.  I snagged a bit of video to put up on the newley launched YouTube channel.

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