Site News: 80R Volume 2 – Now Available To Pre-Order

I’m very excited for the official launch of 80R Volume 2.  This has been another year-long project for us that has resulted in what I’d like to consider the evolution of 80R.

Following a similar format to our inaugural issue, Volume 2 goes one step further in both visual and written creativity to bring you an exclusive look into the world of Japanese time attack.  This past year I took the extensive interviews I conducted and did my best to portray them in a more captivating, editorial style of article that not only informs but tells a story.

The article count has been cut back a bit, but along with that comes an increased page count as we try to make the most of the creative freedom that comes with self-publishing.  With 190 pages of brilliant photos, and over 20,000 words, you’ll find that Volume 2 delivers more than it appears to.  The use of negative space and minimalist layout mirrors the ethos of time attack; achieving more with less.

Another notable difference between Volumes is that, in this newest release, the photos have not been published anywhere else.  The media in this issue have been reserved solely for publication – you won’t find these photos anywhere else.  I’d like to attempt this going forward, but I can tell you it was really difficult to preserve these for the book and still have enough content to share on the site!  A lot of what we do on the site is limited in scope, I’m very specific about what we share, which in turns limits content.  I really hope it’s a feature that people enjoy – having something no one else has access to.

This issue features more of the drivers, pun intended, behind the growth of Japanese time attack.  People like Hiroyuki Iiri, the driver of the old RE RX-7 Super GT car, Atsushi Shimaya, the product engineer and test driver of Endless, Tsutomu Hannita, driver of the fastest NSX in Japan, and many more.  Stories you’ve never read, photos you’ve never seen – only available in 80R.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy.  Pre-order is now available on our site store.







We’re also releasing a limited amount of Volume 1 for those that missed out on the initial launches last year.

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