Site News: 80R Complete Shop Lists

I’ve never disclosed the shop list of 80R before launch as I do my best to limit the amount of information provided that should be reserved solely for those anticipating the launch.

I’ve recently changed my thinking in that as it’s possible there’s a certain car or driver that a viewer has been looking forward to reading about that may make or break their decision to purchase.  Just like in any book you’d be able to preview if bought in a store, the least we can do is provide the contents ahead of time – to a certain extent of course.

Looking back on the progress of the cars featured in Volume 1 has been a shocking realization for me as to how fast this sport moves.  For me, having made this book is already paying off as a way to remember the history of each one.

Enjoy, and hopefully this helps if you’re on the fence about purchasing.  Thank you for the continued support – this wouldn’t be possible without you!

Volume 1

Volume 2



Volume 1 and 2 available for pre-order at Shop NDF now.