Site News: 19/20 Frontrunners Outerwear Release

Last month, we opened the store with part one of our two part Frontrunner 19/20 release.  The idea was to shortly follow it with the new outerwear for this Winter, but due to some logistical issue we had to postpone it to the first week of January.  Fortunately everything came together and we were able to open the store as scheduled today.

This year we’re working with Battlecraft parts in more ways than one.  For those that don’t know, Kristian and I have been sharing shop space for the majority of 2019 and have been collaborating on several projects together.  As we continue to progress in turning ideas into reality, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the synergy between the two companies.



This is also the first year we’re offering a sweatshirt specifically cut for women.  While this was done mostly upon request, I really like how the final version came out.


We also decided to bring back the North Face Team Jacket for one final time with the addition of the new Driver’s Fleece with color-matched sponsor logos.  We work with a lot of great companies on the projects were involved in, and thankful to have them on the team.  This is the last time this particular jacket will be offered so if you were ever on the fence, now would be the time!

I appreciate the support in everyone wanting to represent our community and contributing to what makes NDF so great.  You can shop these items now at the site store.