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Event: Super GT – Behind the Scenes


Race day – it truly is special.  As the purpose built machines line the grid, the quiet idling of their hungry engines a deceiving tone.  Just minutes before the red lights go out; the exhaust notes scream held back only by the bouncing rev limiter of the launch control.  The paddock thick with anxiety.  The rivalry, the tension, the noise and drama.  As the green flags drop the machinery comes to life, and a torrent of power is unleashed across the asphalt.  Exciting right!?  But there is a lot that goes into getting everyone into position on time.  Our friends at JDM Clips got some great behind the scene shots in and around the Pit area of the first Super GT round at Fuji Speedway.  Click past the break to check it out!

Encounter: Mouse!

. The infamous 86 coupe tandem drift extraordinaire team Mouse.  I can’t remember what blog I found these on – if I can remember I’ll post it up. . . Love the fender mirrors .

RC Lounge: The R32’s Test Drive


With a fully charged battery and a tastefully decorated G-Works body, it was time to finally take my R32 for a test drive.  I went downstairs with my Nikon and let it rip.  I gotta say – this thing is great fun.  It’s fast and my new SkyFly transmitter is responsive, but I think I’ll spring for the GT Tuned motor soon.  We could always use a little more speed.  With the help of my co-driver, Anny, I snapped a few pics.  Check um’ out past the break.

One Shot: BMW GT

. I know, I know, it’s not Japanese.  It’s still awesome though.  One of my favorite Le Mans GT cars – the M3.  It’s also one of the fastest; at least in Long Beach.  The […]

Event: 2010 Super GT Test Day at Twin Ring Motegi


Ah, Monday.  Hope you all had a good race weekend; congrats to Sebastian Vettel for his second 2011 season win!  As promised, I’m posting up some shots of  a Super GT Test Day at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit.  While these shots may be dated a bit, they are still awesome.  This post will be followed up with some race day shots as well.  Unfortunately, the Super GT series has been delayed due to the tragic events in Japan.  I know we’ve heard it a lot, but let’s hope Japan can bounce back and things can return to normal soon.  Thanks again to JDM Clips.  Check out the NSX GT-R FR – looks so mean.

Encounter: Freeway 7

. I finally hounded Jack enough to send me some random snaps of cars in Japan.  This morning my inbox received this Time-Attack styled wide-body FD on Advan’s.  I like the wing.  I’ve started experimenting […]

Locale: UP Garage Aobodai – Wheels Highlight


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of UP Garage – if you’re a fan of JDM motoring, how couldn’t you be?  I’ve been to several locations, and while you may not always find something that catches your eye, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find a nice set of wheels.  The new headquarters in Aobodai isn’t a wheel specific location, nevertheless I was surprised to see so many wheels and tires on site.  Check out a few past the break.

Event: 2011 Mugen Circuit Challenge v.2


Due to some unforeseen trouble with my own car (i.e. broken driver side knuckle), it took me a little bit longer than expected to get this second part up;  sorry ‘y’all.  In the last post, I mentioned a little bit about the breakdown of classes and regulations for the Circuit Challenge.  So for this one I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.  I really like this shot, with the CR in the background.  As I was taking a second look through some of the shots, I noticed a few EK chassis that were worth putting up.  Check um’ out past the break.

Locale: ASM Yokohama


One thing that continually amazes me about Japan is the sheer density of the place.  You can spend a month contained in a one mile radius and still not see everything.  I find myself in Yokohama quite often and was surprised that I had never been to ASM before.  Under the arm of the Autobacs flagship name, ASM Yokohama offers not only specialized S2000 parts and tuning, but probably the best selection of Recaro seats you’ll ever find; short of catching a flight to Germany.  I took a brief tour of the shop last time I was in the area – check out the pics past the break.  “To the stage that no one could reach.  Yes, we can!”

Close Up: Mugen FN2 (European Type-R)


Thought I’d break up the photos from the 2011 Mugen Circuit Challenge with a closer look at Mugen’s attempt at the Honda FN2; Europe’s offering of the Civic Type-R.  I remember when this model was released it garnered mixed opinions among the Honda community.  After giving it a few years to soak in however, I think I kinda like it.  Not only is it a very unique chassis design, it seems to be quite rare as well.  Let’s check out how Mugen modified it.

Event: 2011 Mugen Circuit Challenge v.1


Anything doing is worth doing right – and Mugen does track events right.  Open to anybody with a Honda, enter into the Circuit Challenge and you are graced with four 15 minute runs on Tsukuba 1000 circuit, professional instruction on and off track, ride alongs with current professional racing drivers, the opportunity to drive one of three Mugen built machines, and the option of trying out Mugen products during your track time for free.  This year there were 86 drivers in attendance, including JDM Clips own Taka.  Check out the action below.

Event: Speedventures/Hontune Fontana v.1


Here is some general coverage of the track day/car show at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.  Even though it seemed like the track was dominated by S2000’s, I was pleased to see a wide variety of cars present; especially at the autocross track.  Although my preference has always leaned toward Japanese manufacturers, I am a fan of all cars in general.  There were many Euro cars that I shot too, but seeing as how this blog is geared toward Japanese performance, I’ll stick to that.  Check out more below.

Feature: Brothers in Arms


This past weekend I ventured over to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana to attend the Speedventures open track day, and to check out Big Mike’s Hontune event.  This was the first Speedventures event I’ve been to, and although I didn’t track my car, I had a ton of fun walking around the facility shooting photos.  Despite the bone chilling wind and uncertain forecast, I’m glad I went because I ended up meeting some great people and getting to shoot their awesome cars.  Case in point; the two track ready S2000’s you see before you.  I saw this pair sitting unattended in the garage, so I ventured in for some pics; click past the break for more.

Encounter: Street Chaser

. I’ve been gone for four days straight and it’s been great.  I promise some more content in the next couple days.  I’ll start off with this run-of-the-mill 6th gen. Chaser rocking a fat intercooler.  […]

Feature: Kawabata’s Magical RPS13


I know you’re  thinking right now, “Two back to back featured car posts?!  I don’t believe it.”   Well, believe it.  That’s just how awesome we are.  All jokes aside, I’m not sure why it took me so long to post this car up, as it has massive popularity among drift fans.  D1-GP reverse-entry guru Masato Kawabata is the man responsible for piloting this ridiculously hot, 600 horsepower 180sx sideways through all the corners.  I spotted the S all alone, basking in the light at the Toyo Tires booth as we were getting ready to take off from the Auto Salon in search of another UP Garage.  So I decided to get up close and personal with it.  Sit back and enjoy the shots!

Feature: Eneos SC430 Super GT


JDM Clips comes through again with some great media of the Eneos SC430 Endurance GT Racer.  We’ve all driven this car at one point in time…right?  Well, in Gran Turismo at least.  So you already know how awesome it is.  This car is unique in many ways, especially because of the rarity of the platform in racing.  You don’t often see SC430’s competing in organized motorsports.  I can only think of the other 4 which competed in GT500 also.  So, if you haven’t driven it, and don’t know how awesome it is, click past the break and I will tell you.