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Encounter: Katsuradai R34

. This pristine R34 is always parked out front of a Junior High School in the quiet neighborhood of  かつらだい (Katsuradai); where my friend’s in-laws live.  I’m guessing the owner is a teacher, or administrator […]

Encounter: Tokyo Street Evo


We were walking around some prefecture near Roppongi Hills in Tokyo one afternoon while my friends wife was getting her haircut.  While crossing a pedestrian bridge I spotted these kids J-walking across this huge street.  I thought it was pretty cool because you could see Mori Tower perfectly in the background, so I snapped a few pics.  Later on I saw this Evo in the shot!  I didn’t even notice it at first…

Encounter: Lonely MM:21 R32


I stumbled upon this lonely Skyline during a walk one morning.  The hotel we had been staying out was very close to Sakuragicho Station, which is in the みなとみらい21 (Minato Mirai) area;  a large urban development by the water.  This place is famous for many things, including Japan’s former largest building the Landmark Tower.  This morning we were walking along the Red Brick Warehouse and saw this guy sitting all by itself in a parking lot.