Close Up: Type One Type-R


Next up in my Close-Up series is the bright orange Integra Type-R built by Type-One.  Near flawless paint aside, you can recognize this as a possible race car because of the sticky Advans that are wrapped around the track-worn SSR Type-C’s.  A closer look reveals most of the interior still in-tact; pretty common in Japan because of the abundance of open track events at places like Suzuka, Fuji, Twin-Ring, and Ebisu.  Click past the break for more pics.

Encounter: JGTC Xanavi 350Z


A long time ago I was visiting Ginza, and happened upon the Nissan Gallery.  You can tell this was awhile back because the JGTC doesn’t exist anymore.  Replaced by Super GT, the series is no longer overseen by JAF, but solely by the FIA.  Upon the arrival of the 350Z, the R34 GT was retired in the class.  This was Nissan’s 2006 (?) entry car.  The gallery was closed, so I couldn’t get a tour inside.  Maybe next time.

Video: FR-NSX GT

. Honda R&D’s secret gem has been revealed!  A FR, GT-spec NSX with KERS!  Check out this video of testing at Twin Ring.  Read the video info for specs and backstory.  Found @ JDM Clips.

Encounter: Tokyo Estima

. Here is something you won’t see too often in the states; a modified van.  They’re pretty common in Japan though, and the エスティマ (Estima) is one of the more popular platforms.  I think I […]