Close Up: Honda-Tuning/Evasive CR-Z


With the CR-Z being fairly new, there isn’t really an extensive catalog of aftermarket parts to choose from; especially in the aero department.  However, the CR-Z that Honda-Tuning put together shows that you don’t need that much to make something that looks great.  The C-West lip kit that adorns the outside of the Honda turns the ordinary CR-Z body, into an overall more aggressive looking car.  Click past the break to see what else is up with this car.

Feature: Anthony’s Downforce NSX


Of all the cars at the Cerritos Honda car show last weekend, I think I liked this NSX the most.  I spotted it early on and got to snap some shots before the crowds came.  It’s ridiculously clean, and although only has a handful of mods, they all flow together perfectly.  As I was wrapping my visit up, I was lucky enough to run into the owner; Anthony.  He’s a nice, laid back guy, and I’m glad I could talk to him for a short while.  I got some more info on the NSX, and he was kind enough to let me post up a little feature here.  Enjoy the shots!

FEATURE: Power House Amuse S2000 GT1


The JDM Clips/NDF collaboration delivers the goods once again with this feature on the legendary Amuse S2000 GT1.  This car is one of the greatest tuning achievements of Mr. Hideki Tanabe’s lifetime, and for good reason.  It’s looks are not only unforgettable, but it’s mechanical prowess has been proven on both street and track.  The insanely wide body kit brings order to chaos and gives the car the aerodynamic performance close to that of a full race car.  Click past the break to check out the car in more detail.

Event: Cerritos Honda Toy Drive & Car Show V.1


Tis’ the season for giving, and what better way to kick off the holidays than with a toy drive & car show?  December 12th marked Norm Reeves Honda’s 5th annual toy drive and car show and, much like last year, it was a great turnout.  I grabbed my toy donations and dropped by pretty early;  luckily, most of the entrants were already setup so I was able to get some good coverage.  There was a bit of everything on display and more S2000s than I think I’ve ever seen in one place before (definitely not a bad thing).  In this first post I’m going to focus on just S2000’s, and I’ll follow up with the rest of the lot.  If I missed your car, my apologies, I was in a rush to get back to work.  Click past the break for more.

Feature: Power House Amuse 370Z Vestito

Japanese mega tuner Power House Amuse was on site at Super Autobacs Yokohama recently to demo their new aero kit for the Z34; the Vestito.  Lucky for us, Taka was there as well to capture it all.  Amuse has long been producing unique and aggressive aero kits for a variety of chassis.  This is their latest offering for the Z platform; preceded by the Superleggera kit for the Z33 chassis.  I believe Amuse took a less domineering approach to this kit, and put more emphasis on flowing lines and function; and flat out on the track the Vestito proves that it does more than just look good.  Click past the break for more display shots.