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Gallery: A Recipe For Suzuka – Esprit JZA80

Esprit has always been a shop that prides itself on building cars of all varieties.  Regardless of the make or model, they will take a customers idea, or a demo car, and make it into something that excels in both performance and aesthetics.  So when Sugimori Takuya propsoed the idea to build a JZA80 strictly to attack Suzuka Circuit, the shop embraced the challenge with open arms.  The end result is a 2900 pound, 800 horsepower power house that runs 2’04.4’s at Mie’s home track.

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Encounter: The Fuji Blues – Esprit’s New Look

The Kakimoto NSX wasn’t the only Honda at Fuji this month that’s received a facelift; Esprit was on hand with their NSX, now in special blue edition.  Like so many other competitors this day though, they were not to see any track time around the Speedway.  Inclement weather doesn’t bode well for fast track times, and certainly doesn’t allow opportunity for accurate testing.  So Esprit let their car rest in the paddock, devoid of canards and engine cover, while they waited for the weather to pass.  Sekinei strolled over to their garage to snap a few shots.