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Gallery: Shark Attack – Auto Select GTRs

For over 30 years now, Eiichiro Sawa and the Auto Select staff have been tuning and racing cars throughout Japan.  Using the knowledge they gain from track events, they’ve been able to succeed in developing quality parts that work well alongside their OE companions.  Over the years Auto Select has made a niche for themselves in the GTR market and, as a result, have several demo and customer cars that frequent time attack events regularly.  This gives them the ability to collect a wide-range of data from cars built in varying degrees; from street cars to dedicated track cars.  All of which they can take back to their headquarters in Osaka, and use in development of their future services.

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Encounter: Osaka’s Auto Select – GTR Rundown

When Eiichiro Sawa founded Osaka based Auto Select in the early 80’s, his main goal was to share his knowledge of tuning and racing spirit with not only his friends, but with a wider range of enthusiasts as well.  In 1985, after establishing himself in the industry of aftermarket tuning, the popular magazine Carboy did a feature on Auto Select that highlighted Eiichiro’s story; this story resulted in a tremendous boost in customer base.  Their decades of continuous R&D of new parts and tuning methods has kept them alive through many lulls in the industry, and is a major reason why they’re so well known to date.  You’d be hard pressed to attend an attack event in Japan, or a motor sport event in general, without the Auto Select flag being flown.