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Event: Super Taikyu Official Test Day: Fuji Speedway v.1 – The Integra


It feels like it’s been so long so my latest post!  My apologies, as I’ve been extremely busy this past week; traveling for work as well as trying to buy some property.  I am super stoked on NDF though because I’ve been getting some really cool inquiries as of late.  I’ve also just got the go to start planning my next trip back to Japan – which is going to be quite awesome.  The best news is that I plan to share it all on the blog.  While I try to keep the ‘personal’ out of this page, and stick just to features, events, and auto related posts, it is after all a blog about Japan.  I figure the followers would be just as excited as I am to see what a week spent in Japan visiting tuner shops, attending a Super GT race and interviewing tuners is actually like.  March is a great month for motor sports all over the world.  I don’t even have to mention the start of Formula 1; but in Japan specifically it marks the beginning of Super GT, Super Taikyu, and a handful of other series.  JDM Clips recently attended the Super Taikyu Official Test Day at Fuji Speedway.  Needless to say, the 6 different classes involved in this series makes for a great amount of variety on track.  In my opinion, one of the coolest entrants is the DC5 – and it seems to be a popular platform as well.  In this post, I focused on only that chassis.  Click past the break for more!