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Locale: Lazy Sunday’s at Garage Work

The Sunday after the first Evome event of the year, I commandeered Sekinei’s Nissan Cube and trekked across the Tokyo Bay towards Chiba to visit Iwata and the boys at Garage Work.  Jay came along as well as he’s never been to the shop and wanted to meet everyone.  The plan was to hang out for a little bit, and talk about some pending business stuff, but the shop is such a laid back place that it’s easy to spend hours there hanging out.

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Feature: 腹黒 – Sato’s Work built DC2

There is a consistency to the cars that come out of the Work camp.  They most certainly take a different approach to other shops in the same discipline, and I think that that is what sets them apart from the rest.  Mildly modified, naturally aspirated B-series engines that are catered more towards reliability than high power are what you’ll find in nearly every car the shop works on.  Not one for high horsepower builds, Garage Work shines in the area of suspension tuning and chassis modification of their lightweight Hondas. This distinct facet of Iwata’s tuning shows throughout each car he touches.  Sato Kakuchi’s DC2 is a perfect embodiment of the shop’s raw persona.