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Close-Up: こみぃ♪ – ガレージWORK EK9

Over the past years we’ve spent quite a bit of time at Garage Work; both at the shop in Chiba, and on track at Evome and Attack.  It’s a shop that is known for pushing the boundaries of Honda’s FF chassis far beyond what anyone has ever imagined.  Tora-san’s rich history and incredible foresight into the sport of time attack has been unmatched by many, and through Garage Work, he is able to channel that gift to not only his personal vehicles, but to his customers as well.

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Encounter: Overcast Chiba – Miyuki’s Work built EK9


I mentioned last night on Instagram (@naritadogfight), that I got called out of state to work this weekend.  Well, that’s no surprise, but I had planned on using that time to put together the Evome articles so I would be able to post them throughout the week.  Unfortunately, I then had to decide whether to process store orders or get content processed, and since I believe customer service is the foundation of any consumable I chose to get the orders processed.  Before I head out to the post office I decided to publish this post I had sitting in que for a bit now.