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Encounter: Mitsuyoshi At Suzuka – S-Complete 320 Onevia

I ran into Mitsuyoshi at Suzuka Circuit late January during the Attack event after not having seen him or his car for some time.  Having a background in drifting has given him a strong grasp of car control, and now with a car that’s becoming finely tuned, his lap times have been getting very quick.

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Event: Attack Maximum Challenge 2017 – Suzuka Circuit

Mie Prefecture is a long way from Yokohama; a lot further than I expected anyway.  Whenever I’m planning road trips through Japan I get this false sense of distance because I’m not accustomed to using the metric system.  So my brain still equates 60 ‘x’ of a distance to roughly an hour.  Because of that drives typically go by quicker than I expect.  Well, not this time.  Maybe I’m getting used to it, maybe I underestimated the distance, or maybe it was the weather, but Thursday evening when we set out to Suzuka Circuit I had no idea I’d be driving for over 6 hours…