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Event: AutoCon 2012 Los Angeles – Roll In


When I started the drive out to Arcadia for AutoCon yesterday morning, I had been under the strange impression that media will-call was at 9am; where I got that impression and why I thought it was perfectly normal I’m still not sure.  When I got to the site and saw about 400 cars waiting to be rolled in I kind of figured I had some misinformation.  Well, there was nothing else to do really so I thought I’d make the most of it though and start snapping away.  The route into the Santa Anita grounds is through an underground route under an overpass to the Westfield mall that’s across from the park.  So I just posted up under the shade of the bridge, and did my best to avoid the already intense inland heat.  I talked to Justin from AutoCon when I saw him pass through and he had no problems with me starting early.  I’m typically late to car shows, so this was kind of cool for me.  The roll-in process was much smoother than last year, and it seems they were much better staffed this year.  Grab a cup of coffee and click past the break for the first of many Auto Connection 2012 posts.

Feature: A Red Letter Day – Jon Principe’s Amuse S2000


It appears my elusive internet connection has abandoned me once again, and in doing so, has prevented me from sharing with you this beautiful car in a timely manner.  So as I sit here in Starbucks, sipping my coffee, looking like Ko-Teng from ‘You Are The Apple of My Eye’ typing on his laptop in Taxi Coffee (obligatory Chinese movie reference – [long story]),  it has become my mission to introduce you to the creation you see above.  Jon Principe attended the Slammed Society show in Long Beach at the beginning of the month and I just happened to have the good fortune to make his acquaintance.  As I was admiring the Amuse wide-body dressed in the reddest of paint, Jon approached me and asked who I was shooting for.  When I told him NDF, I received the response I usually get; “Who?”  Perks of naming your blog something so strange I suppose.  Eager to practice more car photography, I inquired if he’d be interested in a photoshoot.  We exchanged info and planned to get together some time in the coming weeks.  Turns out Jon ended up winning first place in the Time Attack category at the show, and I ended up winning a couple hours of alone time with his S2000; a true red letter day. Click past the break for the feature.