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Event: VTEC Club – Autumn Speed Festival 2017

This past weekend, Willow Springs International Raceway once again played host to the annual, all-Honda, VTEC Club event; Autumn Speed Festival.  Since the inaugural event last year, it’s one of the only events I look forward to attending here in the US (actually in the past two years it’s the only event I’ve attended).  While VTEC Club usually runs alongside another facilitating vendor to host their normal events, Autumn Speed Festival’s attendance, and management are proof that, time forbidding, the organization can survive on it’s own. With over 80 registered drivers, the pits were packed with Honda driver’s both veteran and new, ready to take on the ‘fastest road in the West’; Big Willow.

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Event: VTEC Club – Autumn Speed Festival

Even in sunny Southern California, the mid-day heat is giving way to brisk mornings and chilly evenings; a sign that Summer has finally, albeit very late, left us.  The ushering in of the holidays reminds us we’re already well into the Fall season, and with that comes a time that everyone involved with this website is very excited for; Attack season.  Japan kicked off with a rather casual shakedown/practice meeting at Tsukuba this past week, while here in the States, VTEC Club held their first all Honda Autumn Speed Festival.  Two strikingly similar events where many personal bests were broken.

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Event: VTEC Club 2015 Round 2 – Big Willow Gallery

On the Sunday of February 22nd, VTEC Club held the second event of their 5 round season at Big Willow at Willow Springs International Raceway.  The excitement and success of the first round no doubt carried through to the club’s follow up event with, once again, over 50 entrants participating.  To say the day was perfect though, would be a stretch.  The week leading up to the event, the temps in Southern California had steadily been dropping, and rain was on the forecast for race weekend.  Ryan was once again on hand to grab some shots of the event.